Ohio Valley Wrestling Results (9/7) – “Road to OVW #1100”

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Hello and welcome to this week’s Ohio Valley Wrestling Results!

It looks like we’re in for another fun show, so let’s grab some snacks and settle in.

We’re starting off with Adam Revolver and his cadre of doctors. This should be fun.

Second Annual Adam Revolver Covid Summit

He recapped things and added the important of staying 6 feet away from him.

He continued by pointing out the building is filthy and he’ll do what he can to make sure there is no episode 1100 next week.

Dustin Jackson’s music started and he came out.

Jackson wasted no time in calling out the doctors for being fake as week as the sign language specialist.

Jackson informed Revolver that he spoke to Dean Hill and they have a match next week, and if Adam Revolver doesn’t show he’s fired.

Revolver pretended to leave, but hit Jackson from behind while the doctors had Jackson’s attention. Revolver then hit him with a chair to send a message before leaving.

Anarchy chaos

Ms. Marvelous started in on Melvin Maximus about him having to defend his Anarchy Championship.

They had a slight disagreement about how and when he’s going to defend her glorious title. He gave up and she dragged him out of the locker room as she had an opponent for him right there and then,

Tony Gunn challenged by Reverend Ronnie Roberts (non title)

OVW Heavyweight Champion Tony Gunn came out to the ring, looking like he had something to say.

He informed us that the main event of the show will be a number one contender’s match for his title between Ryan Howe, and Brian Pillman Jr.

He promised that no matter who he faces next week, he’ll remain OVW’s Heavyweight Champion.

As he was leaving, the Reverend Ronnie Roberts came out.

He called out Gunn for talking down to his future opponents and took a fun shot at Tony Gunn’s name not being mentioned among the greats.

He issued a challenge to Gunn, saying he believes he’s better than Gunn and he can take his belt and put it in his collection plate.

Gunn responded how his future challenges and Roberts aren’t worthy or his time.

Roberts said they need to change his name from “Tony Gunn to Tony None as the good Lord forgot a couple of pieces.”

Tony Gunn defeated Reverend Ronnie Roberts

Roberts shows some good moves and athleticism as he gave Gunn everything he could handle and more.

Gunn countered the Hand of God with a knee and hit with the Kill Shot for the win.

This was a quick but entertaining match. Ohio Valley Wrestling Results look forward to seeing Roberts in action again.

The next match is in response to LOB (Legacy of Brutality’s open challenge for this week.

Legacy of Brutality (Big Zo and Ca$h Flow) defeated KTD and Ashton Cove

Cove started it out, but Ca$h Flow reversed a double suplex and suplexed Cove and KTD

Big Zo continued to maul KTD and Cove.

After literally slamming Cove back and forth, LOB finished it with a sandwich squash on Cove for the pin.

With the match over, Flow hit KTD with a splash off the top rope, and Complete Package came out to help. They were joined by the Tate Twins, and it was finally enough to chase LOB from the ring.

We’re smelling a possible Triple Threat of Fatal Four Way match in the future for the tag team titles.

Women’s Championship stripped

Madison Rayne received news that she was stripped of the OVW Women’s Championship.

She ranted and raved about it, and said it didn’t sit well with her since she was only champion out of the goodness of her heart.

She promised to show up on her time and demand answers.

Ms. Marvelous’ Anarchy surprise

Ms. Marvelous dragged Melvin to meet AJ, who was in the workout room.

Both men explained they couldn’t do it there since they weren’t ready. When AJ and Maximus ran out of excuses, they tried saying there wasn’t a referee.

Not to worry, Ms. Marvelous to the rescue as she promised Melvin to call their First Blood Street Fight right down the middle.

Yeah, they weren’t expected a first blood or street fight, either, and AJ pointed out he doesn’t do street fights.

Neither one wanted to do this, but AJ did want the title, so AJ picked up a bar bell, but Ms. Marvelous hit AJ in the midsection with a barbell, drawing first blood when AJ spit some up.

She then said she’s now a contender and will wrestle Maximus.

When he refused to wrestler her, she pulled out the “you don’t love me” and threatened to call off the marriage.

Maximus reluctantly agreed, which pleased her.

Man, he’s in trouble.

Number One Contender Match – “Rockstar” Ryan Howe vs. “Bulletproof” Brian Pillman Jr.

This should be a good match.

It started as a clinic on technical wrestling as they exchanged body and head scissors and reversals.

After chopping at each other, they exchanged pin attempts and more counters.

Pillman countered a doublehook DDT with a super kick. He then hit with his M-1 Grand for the pin.

We’re going to see a great match next week when Brian Pillman J. faces Tony Gunn for the OVW Heavyweight Champion.

After the match, Pillman said he’s going to make history next week; that it’s all coming full circle since he took his first bump at Danny Davis Arena.

What do you think of the show? Let us know in the comments below, and Ohio Valley Wrestling Results will see you next week

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