Should RAW Underground Be A Standalone WWE Show?

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Should RAW Underground Be A Standalone WWE Show?

For the past month or so, Monday Night RAW has had an interesting new segment added to the show. This was an underground fight pit, called RAW Underground. Hosted by Shane McMahon, it added a sense of variety to WWE, and is helping to boost names like Erik of Viking Raiders and Babatunde (now Dabba Kato). It’s become more popular than fans expected, and some are now wondering, should this be a standalone WWE show?

RAW Underground Could Be A Late Night Network Show For WWE

With it’s more grungy aesthetic and edgy tone, this could be a more adult WWE show to fit into a late night slot. There is a wealth of talent in WWE with combat sports backgrounds, so having a show based around shoot fights could be interesting, letting WWE tap into the MMA market. So far, RAW Underground has been better managed than the ill-fated Brawl For All, with no one getting injured.

With names like Dolph Ziggler, Aleister Black, Dabba Kato, Artuto Ruas, Riddick Moss, Braun Strowman and more in action on this show, it would give fans something extra to watch every week from WWE. Think WWE Main Event or 205 Live, but with people actually watching. Add in influence from WWE affiliate company ICW, and they could have something interesting.

Give them a championship to strive for, and have them fight up the ranks to face the best fighter in the company. Simple storylines based around the stats of fighters could be used, and keep Shane McMahon as the director of the chaos. You could even just have this become WWE’s own form of Lucha Underground,

WWE Wanted A Late Night Adult Focused Show In 2019

Around early 2019, there were rumors of WWE adding a more adult focused late night show to WWE Network, which never came to fruition. RAW Underground could be exactly that, bringing back what 90’s fans loved about this company, to try and draw them back in. It would give some unused talent something to do, and who doesn’t want more Dabba Kato on their TV screens?

It’s unclear if WWE will even stick with RAW Underground going forward, but if it sticks around long enough, the chances of it getting its own time slot get higher and higher. WWE would just find something new to fill time on RAW. Would you like to see RAW Underground get expanded into its own show? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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