WWE Elias Injury Update

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WWE Elias Injury Update

WWE Elias was written off WWE television on May 29, 2020 when he was hit by a car allegedly being driven by a drunk Jeff Hardy.

It was a blow to the talented Elias as he’d just started feuding with King Corbin prior to WrestleMania and he was set to face AJ Styles in the Intercontinental Championship tournament.

Reports indicated at the time that he’d been suffering with a torn pectoral muscle for a few weeks until it was determined he couldn’t perform anymore.

It was an unfortunate incident in a career that’s seen him largely forgotten and cast aside when not injured.

There are rumors out there that he was asking for a main storyline at the time, and the Intercontinental Championship tournament was that opportunity.

6 to 9 months

While the WWE moved on as they always do, it’s believed he won’t be back until the Royal Rumble or even WrestleMania 37, depending on which account we look at.

It mainly depends on the extent of the pectoral muscle injury, as the return time was originally slated as six to nine months.

That’s where the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania time frames come from, though to be exact, six months would put him at a potential return for Hell in a Cell in October or Survivor Series in November.

With Smackdown needing faces, he’s sorely missed as he was starting to gain traction one of WWE Smackdown’s top faces.

While it’s hopeful for the next two months, it may be better for him to return at the Royal Rumble as a surprise entrant and start his new push there.

This is if he’s capable of returning then. If not, it’d be awesome to see him prior to WrestleMania so he can start being built up again.

Championship caliber

WWE Elias is a highly skilled wrestler and performer with his musical gimmick, so there’s plenty for them to work with.

He can get a reaction out of the crowd no matter what he does, and it’s a rare ability that seems to be lacking in some aspects anymore.

The thing is, he just needs to stay healthy and be given the chance to really do something special.

He’s definitely a top tier mid card performer that can hold the Intercontinental or United States Championships for an extended period, but there’s no reason he can’t challenge for a top title, either.

With any luck, he’ll come back healthy and with a storyline that can really help him take off.

When do you think he’ll return? Let us know in the comments below.

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