WWE NXT Results: Austin Theory vs. KUSHIDA

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WWE NXT Results: Austin Theory vs. KUSHIDA

When it comes to top prospects in WWE, there are few brighter than the 22 year old former Evolve Champion, Austin Theory. He might have lost to Bronson Reed last week, but looked great even in defeat. This week, he would take the microphone, and claim he is a future first ballot hall of famer, and call out anyone in the back to help him prove this. KUSHIDA answered the call.

KUSHIDA Wants To Tear Another Arm Apart

There was no music as he came down to the ring, and he’d kick Theory right in the face without warning. Once Theory got back in the ring, this would be official. KUSHIDA would be relentless early on, showing his new nasty attitude, looking to injure Theory.

He’d be dropped throat first on the top rope with a flapjack, and Theory got this match back under control with a suplex. KUSHIDA fought back with some forearms, and got hit with a backbreaker. Theory got cocky and went for a standing moonsault, missed and got a hard kick to the arm.

KUSHIDA would pick up some serious steam, and hit his hip toss into a cartwheel dropkick special, before sending Theory to the outside. Theory thought he had KUSHIDA cornered on the outside, but instead would elbow the ringpost and get a hard armbreaker onto the ground.

Back in the ring, KUSHIDA would stomp the face of Theory and apply the Kimura Lock for a win, letting it stand for a few more seconds to send a message.

More Aggression Will Bring Him Back To The Champion Level

Since coming to WWE NXT, KUSHIDA has kinda been on standby but his time is now. He took Velveteen Dream out, and now Austin Theory as well. A mean streak has been found, but he’s currently taking out heels, making his status a bit unclear. The crowd in Full Sail was cheering him on as he brutalized Austin Theory, blurring the lines even more.

It’s unclear what the endgame will be here, but we will likely be seeing KUSHIDA go for either the NXT North American or World Championships very soon. He might have to deal with Dream again, but when that match comes, he might just dislocate both arms. What do you think the future holds for KUSHIDA? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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