WWE NXT Results: Imperium vs. Breezango [NXT Tag Team Championship Match]

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WWE NXT Results: Imperium vs. Breezango [NXT Tag Team Championship Match]

After five years teaming together, Breezango finally claimed some tag team gold together. This was a career making moment for this team, and they achieved it at the express of Marcel Bartel & Fabian Aichner of Imperium. They are now coming back for their NXT Tag Team Championships, to show that Tyler Breeze & Fandango are flukes.

Imperium Came To Destroy

Imperium wouldn’t wait for this fight, rushing the ring and being dispatched. The referee would restore order, as Aichner & Fandango would start, but Bartel got a cheap shot on Breeze before getting back to his corner. A bodyslam to Fandango would start his misfortunes, and he’d find himself isolated very early.

Bartel would show just how vicious he can be with hard strikes and submissions, snuffing out any and all attempts for a tag by Fandango. Aichner wouldn’t treat him much better, using his size and power to drop him, but a brief hope spot would see him take out both men… only to end up right on the mat.

Fandango would have his ear attacked, and would be hit with a tight double underhook suplex, for a near fall. This match is not looking good for the champions, to say the least. Another tag would be attempted, but Fandango would be thrown into an elbow strike by Bartel, before being sandwiched with kicks. A commercial break would come and go, Fandango still isolated.

Some back elbows and a big clothesline would give Breeze a chance to come in finally. He’d come in fresh as can be, and would be a flurry of offense. Aichner would be hit with strike after strike before ending up in a single level boston crab.

Breezango Socially Distanced No Longer

This flurry would be shut down briefly, but Aichner got a superkick in the corner for his troubles. He’d come back with a powerbomb attempt out of a school boy, and while Breeze fought out, he ended up in the rong corner. Bartel would shove him off the top rope into a suplex by Aichner, but Fandango would drag Breeze back to their corner for a tag.

Fandango come back into the match, and turn the tides on the outside with some superkicks before attempting The Last Dance leg drop. This would be dodged, and Bartel snuck a PK in before Aichner hit a German Suplex for a near fall. Imperium is back in control again, but Fandango hit a tornado DDT for a chance to get Breeze in again.

Breeze & Bartel would get back into the match, and Breeze would miss a blind tag that allowed a spinebuster into PK combo. The European Bomb would be in the works, but Fandango would dropkick Breeze to shove him into Bartel on the top rope, and allow him to roll up Aichner for the win.

This was a lightning fast tag team match, and shows that Breezango are great champions for the time being. Imperium might be needed back in the UK for NXT UK soon, so if this is their last showing in NXT? It’s a great note to leave on. Who will face Breezango next? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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