WWE NXT Results: Killian Dain & Drake Maverick vs. Bobby Fish & Roderick Strong

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WWE NXT Results: Killian Dain & Drake Maverick vs. Bobby Fish & Roderick Strong

One of the beautiful parts of tag team wrestling is odd-couple teams, and we will see one come together this week. Killian Dain & Drake Maverick have had mutual issues with The Undisputed Era as of late, and while Dain doesn’t want to admit he likes Maverick, he has come to his aid a few times now. Now, they have a chance for revenge against Bobby Fish & Roderick Strong, and a chance to show they could stick around in the NXT Tag Team division.

However, just before their match, Maverick would meet up with Dain and be told he’s not coming to the ring. Maverick might have ended up in a handicap match against Roderick Strong & Bobby Fish.

This Underdog Doesn’t Know When To Quit

Anyone else wouldn’t have even come to ringside for this one, but Drake Maverick has more heart than brains, and his heart told him Killian Dain will come to his aid. He’d realize that wasn’t the reality, and march to war anyways. Two on one? Why not.

Maverick would start with Fish, and the numbers advantage would instantly come into play. He’d fight as best as he could, but end up getting beat down by Roderick Strong in the corner, hard chops echoing in Full Sail. Maverick would dodge a running knee and get some control in this match, but one kick to the jaw changed this.

Bobby Fish came in, and would get kicked in the knee and then be hit with a dropkick off the middle rope for a one count. Strong & Fish would be enjoying this one, and Dain was watching backstage and seeing Maverick get hit with a few backbreakers.

Maverick would still fight, but another backbreaker put him down as a commercial break came. It’s becoming clear that Strong & Fish can end this anytime, but why would they end their fun?

Killian Dain Forced To Make The Save

William Regal would send Killian Dain to the ring for his match, talking some sense into him. In the ring, Maverick would be beat down and tossed to the outside. Dain would finally come down, and throw Maverick into the ring, saying he’s not going to help before leaving once again.

Strong would insult Dain, and that would be the mistake. They’d weaponize Maverick, but he’d step out of the way. Dain hit the ring and started to beat Strong down, the referee accepting him as the legal man, until Fish came in with a chair to the leg. Maverick would help Dain, and they’d win by DQ…. and Dain would punch Maverick in the face.

Is this some tough love from Dain, who seeks to toughen up Maverick, or does he really just not like the guy? Will they get another match against Strong & Fish? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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