WWE NXT Results: Timothy Thatcher vs. Damien Priest [NXT North American Championship]

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WWE NXT Results: Timothy Thatcher vs. Damien Priest [NXT North American Championship]

On a competitive brand like NXT, sometimes the easy part is winning the championship. This might be the case for Damien Priest, due to the challenge of Timothy Thatcher. Thatcher didn’t make it to the NXT North American Championship ladder match due to the now injured Dexter Lumis, and then lost to now NXT Champion Finn Balor at NXT Takeover XXX.

Despite these losses, a quick insult to Priest at how he carries himself as a champion and beating Bronson Reed will get him a simple one on one shot for the championship. Who would leave with the gold?

Damien Priest Plays Timothy Thatchers Game

You can’t get a bigger clash of styles and personalities, which can make for unique matches. Both are strong strikers, but Thatcher is more about submissions while Priest is a more traditional WWE wrestler. Thatcher would quickly get a cravat and hit some hard knee strikes, but Priest broke free with some arm drags.

They’d lock up again, and Priest would look to out wrestle Thatcher, showing his chain wrestling ability. Thatcher didn’t expect this, but was more than ready to wrestle his style of match. A headlock would be applied by Thatcher, until he’s shoved off and came back with a shoulder tackle, but he’d be dropped with a harder one.

Thatcher would be kicked in the head, but Priest would be sent to the outside with an uppercut. Priest would come back with some forearms, but his right arm appears to be hurt. Being thrown into the steps and hit with a double underhook suplex would put his reign in jeopardy, as we go to a commercial break.

Coming back from the break, Priest is down in the middle of the ring, the arm being attacked by Thatcher. Heavy knees to the arm wouldn’t help, and Thatcher was playing with his opponent at this point. Priest tried to make a comeback, but got chopped in the face. This woke the champion up, who’d come back with the hardest strikes we’ve seen in this match, ending with a huge clothesline.

Thatcher Comes Up Short

Priest would go across the ring with a back elbow, and hit a tossing Falcon Arrow into the middle of the ring. The choke breaker would be countered into an armbar attempt, but a kick to the head stopped this. A springboard attempt would be dodged, and the Fujiwara Armbar would be attempted, but Priest fought out.

Thatcher would be brought to his knees with a series of strikes, but would catch a kick and go for the single leg crab. Priest shoved him off, only to end up in the same hold, this time it being expertly applied. He’d wiggle out, and go for another lariat, but end up locked in the Fujiwara Armbar in the middle of the ring. The long leg of Damien Priest just reached the bottom rope and saved this one.

Thatcher tried for a double underhook suplex, but Priest would counter into an elevated flatliner into the sitout chokeslam, getting a two count. One final attempt at the Fujiwara armbar would be dashed, and a spinning heel kick from the top rope and The Reckoning in the center of the ring? Priest retains, and notches his first defense as NXT North American Champion.

Who will be the next to step up to Damien Priest? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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