WWE NXT Results: Tommaso Ciampa vs. Desmond Troy

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Tommaso Ciampa is back to being the Blackheart, the man who would do anything to be the NXT Champion. This isn’t the softer babyface Ciampa who got demolished by Karrion Kross, but an absolute killer. He failed to regain Goldie in that Fatal Four Way Ironman match, but tonight he will get back on track.

Tommaso Ciampa Brutalizes His Opponent

Desmond Troy would be the man who was tasked with stopping the Blackheart on this night. Ciampa’s theme song clearly states that no one will survive, and that might be the case for his opponent. Troy is a standout athlete, and would go for a takedown.

They’d end up in the ropes, and the referee would call for a clean break. Instead, we got a clean knee to the face, showing that Ciampa is ready to break a face. He’d apply a headlock, and Troy fought up to hit a dropkick. This would cause Ciampa to snap, and he’d stomp a mudhole in Troy, before slingshotting him into the bottom turnbuckle.

One Willows Bell DDT later would put Troys lights out, making a very quick win for Ciampa. Following the match, he’d grab a steel chair and Jake Atlas would stop the potential beatdown. He’d call Ciampa out for being a coward with his attack a few weeks ago, and call him out for a match next week.

Ciampa only responded with a sick grin and a smile, which seems to singal this one is on.

Finn Balor Needs To Watch His Back

When it came to the Fatal Four Way match, Tommaso Ciampa was the only man that Finn Balor hasn’t had a big singles match with. Ciampa never lost Goldie, and though he lost both chances he has had to win the title back, he will never give up.

This makes two angry bald men who lost the NXT Championship to injury who are gunning for Finn Balor. He will have to go through Jake Atlas first. Will Atlas get the upset win? Is Ciampa going to be the one to test the reign of Balor? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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