Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory Results (10/24) – Impact Knockouts Championship – Su Yung Defeated Deonna Purrazzo (w/Kimber Lee) by pinfall

Su Yung hit a Panic Switch for the win

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Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory Results (10/24) - Impact Knockouts Championship – Su Yung Defeated Deonna Purrazzo (w/Kimber Lee) by pinfall

Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory Results noticed that Deonna and Kimber were in the ring when Kylie’s music played and she didn’t come out.

Deonna then said she wished she was surprised, but she’s not.

So, she said that she promised to defend the Knockouts Championship and she issued an open challenge and Su Yung came out.

Whelp, no more Susie. This is going to be a fun one.

Deonna didn’t look too happy to see her handiwork come back to haunt her. Of course, no one knew what happened to Kylie Rae. We’re guessing Su Yung took her out or locked away somewhere.

Su Yung attacked Deonna while the champion argued with the referee.

After a handful of forearms, Su Yung threw Deonna across the ring twice, then caught Deonna’s boot attempt in the corner.

After more strikes, Deonna rolled out to the ring apron. Su Yung followed her and they exchanged shots with neither backing down.

Su Yung hit a backbreaker on Deonna on the apron, and then pulled a steel chair out from under the ring.

More than Deonna bargained for

Deonna caught Su Yung with a kick and threw her into the ring and rolled her over for a pin attempt.

Su Yung then dropped her with a palm strike.

Deonna caught her charge into the corner with an elbow, but Su Yung hit a huricanranna for a near pinfall.

Deonna got the upper hand in the corner and stomped Su Yung before turning her attention to snapping Su’s Left arm, and then pinning it as she worked on her other arm before stomping Su in the back.

Deonna hit a short clothesline for a near pinfall, then wrapped her left arm around the top rope.

Su fought back, but Deonna hit with a slam and locked in an armbreaker submission.

Deonna missed with a knee drop and Su rocked her with some rights before throwing her into the corner and running into a big boot.

Deonna positioned Su under the bottom rope and wrapped Su’s arms and legs on the rope, binding her so Deonna could hit a dropkick.

Deonna hit a few stomps and then three German Suplexes, the third a release.

She then tried a suplex, but Su countered it into a DDT.

The two exchanged forearms on their knees and continued it to their feet before Su gained the upperhand and then hit with a clothesline in the corner.

Su hit a back elbow off the ropes, then Su ook her down and landed a bunch of strikes.

Su hit a splash and then a bulldog, and Deonna rolled out of the ring.

Su followed her and threw her into the ring post and sat Deonna in the chair she got out a while back.

Su danced on the apron, and hit with a cannonball off the apron.

The demon bride rises

Su then rolled her back into the ring where she hit a pedrigree, but Deonna kicked out.

Su pulled out her glove out and put it on. Deonna ducked her attacked, and after both nearly ran into the referee, Deonna hit with a kick by accident.

Su hit with a backpack piledriver btu the referee was out.

Kimber Lee snuck into the ring and hit Su with the chair, then helped Deonna to her feet and positioned Su to break her arm.

Su caught Deonna with a mandible claw and spit her red mist into Kimber’s face.

Deonna locked n her armbar, but Su locked in her mandible claw to force her to break the hold.

Deonna hit a handful of kicks, but Su hit a stunner and Panic Switch for the win.

After the match, it was announced the Knockouts Tag Team Championship is returning in January at the Hard to Kill Pay-per-view and Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory Results can’t wait.

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