Murphy And Seth Rollins (Messiah) Set To Split Up For The Worst? 

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The split between Murphy and Seth Rollins has now been teased for a while now. WWE seems to be going down the Murphy Vs. Seth route. This could be a great route with the feud between Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins getting very stale.

The feud should finally end with the draft with Rey changing to Smackdown. With Seth staying in Raw to feud with Murphy and start a fresh new feud worth watching. This hopefully is one of the reasons why the draft is happening.

The storylines of some feud have been going on for too long and they actually have a plan yet in place for the future. 

The feud between Murphy and Seth Rollins could be great 

The fact both of these have been as part of a group together. Ever sense near the start of the Monday Night Messiah gimmick of Seth Rollins. Both Murphy and Seth had surprisingly great chemistry. With Murphy being a massively underrated wrestler, a massive match with Seth Rollins could be the feud that’s needed for that big push.

This should only happen if none of the Mysterio family is involved. The feud is getting bland and boring and the things added to it are just making it worse. The fresh draft could be great for this feud. It is WWE though, so it wouldn’t be that surprising if they split them up. 

There’s an elephant in the room here… 

The elephant in the room is the now controversial story between Murphy and Rey Mysterio. This has been criticized by fans due to the large age gap between them. With Murphy being in his mid-30s and Aalyah Mysterio being only 19.

It could actually be fixed through the brand split if Rey Mysterio  is moved and maybe split from his son. So both Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio can go their separate ways. This will give Dominic Mystery his space to grow as a new wrestling and will also stop the controversial story before it gains more steam.

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