Raw Underground Was Nearly NXT Underground 

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Raw Underground is one of the worst things in Raw for a while now. This is arguably the worst thing in WWE: the lack of rules in place which makes everyone confused including long time fans watching.

It could even be the reason why they don’t have any new fans either. Imagine you’re watching for the first time, it’s the Hell in the Cell match; Seth Rollins Vs. the Fiend and it’s no DQ and the Fiend wins with DQ. This makes no sense and it’s just confusing, putting new fans off watching again. Raw Underground could have been very different though. 

It was nearly called NXT Underground 

This was originally reported by Fightful. It was an idea that was pitched before the pandemic. NXT Underground would feature members from NXT along with members from the developmental brands.

Like Evolve and other members of the roster who aren’t usually on the main show on Wednesday nights. There was even a pilot filmed last summer for the show. It was a long time project for the producer of NXT; Ryan Katz meaning that it seems like Shane McMahon stole the idea.    

Did Shane McMahon ruin it?

Looking at the original pitch, this could have been a great concept. Putting over future talent before they’ve even made it to NXT, Raw or Smackdown and bundling a big audience. Now though, Raw Underground is a rip off of Fight Club.

The fact that this is now considered a Shane idea. It’s now being reported that he’s getting more creative control. WWE could be even worse in the considerable future sadly.

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