Rush And Dragon Lee Contracts Are Up In The Air 

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Real life brothers; Rush and Dragon Lee of ROH contracts are expiring at the end of this year.

Dragon Lee’s contract looks to end on 1st of December with Rush’s contract expiring at an unknown time but it’s leaked to be at the end of the year. It does seem like both wrestlers might end up in the same place wherever they choose. 

Andrade’s comments 

Andrade was Rush’s stablemate in Los Ingobernables, a faction in NJPW and had different variations in CMLL. Andrade advised them to not come to WWE due to it not being as good as it’s made out to be. With Andrade’s current run in WWE not going so well.

It does seem like with his comments, he might be on the way to WWE to join Rush and Lee. The two ROH wrestlers have mentioned that they have been in talks with multiple companies. There’s no doubt that WWE is still most likely on the cards but there are a lot of choices out there now. 

Where will Rush and Dragon Lee end up?

It looks like it could be AEW, Impact Wrestling or maybe even NJPW. With AEW currently being one of the top companies.

Rush and Dragon Lee could make their name there. Maybe even as a tag team. There’s also NJPW, who want to grow their audience in America and getting Rush and Dragon Lee could be big draws for that audience as they’ve already wrestled there before, it could be an easy transition for them.

Rush and Dragon Lee aren’t usually a tag team but with places like AEW and Impact. There are a lot of opportunities in wrestling and seeing Rush and Dragon Lee on a bigger stage could be massive for them.

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