Should MJF Wrestle More On AEW Dynamite?

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MJF is undoubtedly becoming one of the biggest names AEW has. He’s certain to be a future AEW Champion, is a master on the microphone, and his match with Jon Moxley at All Out showed just how good he can be in the ring. Add in a MOTYC from Double Or Nothing with Jungle Boy, and it’s clear MJF is as good as he claims to be. Despite all this, he doesn’t wrestle that much. Is this an issue? Should MJF wrestle more?

MJF Wrestled 7 Seconds In The Past 3 Months Of AEW Dynamite

In the past few months of AEW Dynamite, MJF has been a constant presence. He’s been cutting promos on Jon Moxley, berating everyone around him, and now trying to join the Inner Circle. However, in the past three months, he’s wrestled exactly 7 seconds on Dynamite, when he beat Shawn Dean with the Salt Of The Earth armbar to earn the fastest win in AEW Dynamite history. He did have a 23 minute long match with Jon Moxley on PPV, but he doesn’t wrestle much on free TV.

This suits MJF perfectly. He’s not the type of character who needs to be putting on these wrestling clinics every week. MJF doesn’t want to be known as ‘The Best Bout Machine’ or anything like that. He wants opponents that are worth his time, to be in big money matches. Why should MJF waste time wrestling schmucks like Griff Garrison or Billy Gunn? That’s what he has Wardlow for.

A Way To Protect Him As He Falls Out Of The Rankings

One reason why MJF might not be wrestling much, is to give AEW a reason to slide him out of the Top 5 singles rankings. His current storyline with Chris Jericho & The Inner Circle is likely to stretch out over a few months, likely with another big PPV match for MJF at the end. He doesn’t need to be in the Top 5, he’s not chasing either the AEW or TNT Championships.

However, him slipping out of the Top 5 due to not being active in the ring, gives him a gripe to play off in a few months. He didn’t lose matches, why should he be booted down to unranked? This could all play out in a great way for MJF, and with his promos being as good as they are, no one is really mad about him not wrestling weekly.

Do you think MJF should wrestle more on Dynamite, or are AEW playing smart with how MJF is presented? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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