WWE NXT Results: Johnny Gargano vs. Austin Theory

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WWE NXT Results: Johnny Gargano vs. Austin Theory

After Johnny Gargano decided to mouth off about Austin Theory somehow being the reason he failed to win the NXT North American Championship at NXT Takeover 31, Theory would challenge him to a match. William Regal didn’t waste time making it official, and with the sheer amount of in ring skill these two bring? It’s going to be one to remember, and someone will be shut up by the end.

Johnny Gargano Shows The Rookie A Thing Or Two About Johnny Wrestling

Gargano quickly showed why he’s also known as Johnny Wrestling, taking Theory to the mat, and gained wrist control. Theory slipped out and grabbed a tight headlock, only to be shoved off and came back with a shoulder tackle. He’d get cocky, and be battered with some strikes from Gargano who urged him to ‘not be stupid’.

Theory continued to make some rookie mistakes, telegraphing his moves and being taken to the mat with an arm drag and having his arm locked up. Gargano continued to out-wrestle Theory, and nearly got the Gargano Escape early. Theory finally got something with a big lariat into a standing moonsault, getting a near fall, only to waste time with trash talk, and getting caught by Gargano.

Gargano lost control for long enough to be tripped into the middle turnbuckle, and Theory would roll through the ropes and hit a big front dropkick. It seems that Theory won’t be as easy as Gargano thought, nearly being hit with the ATL, before heading to the apron, and nailing the slingshot spear as we go to a commercial break.

Austin Theory Learns On His Feet

Coming back from the break, Gargano had Theory in an abdominal stretch, before letting him go to run into him as he took refuge in the ropes. Theory would get a big counter, flapjacking Gargano into the mat, hitting a foot stomp and a deadlift suplex, before looking for a Fisherman Buster. He’d stop a superkick from Gargano, before hitting one of his own, before the Buster onto the knee, getting him a near fall.

Theory would press his advantage and set up the ATL, only for Gargano to slip out. Gargano looked for a crossbody, got caught and the ATL was set up again. A pinfall counter from Gargano would get countered by Theory, getting a very near fall. This one was heating up in a hurry, and reaching Takeover levels quickly.

Theory failed to follow up, and Gargano quickly took control before a slugfest broke out. A huge superkick staggered Theory, who would be hit with the lawn dart into the middle turnbuckle, before a forearm to the back of the head. Gagano set up the One Final Beat DDT, and put Theory down. Better luck next time.

Austin Theory just had his best NXT match, but that’s not hard when you’re in the ring with Johnny Gargano. He did earn some respect in the process, and that could be big. With Candice LeRae perhaps taking Indi Hartwell as a protege, will Gargano take Theory under his wing? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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