First Month Fire: UWF Fury Hour #1

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There’s still some First Month Fire left in the tank and we’re getting into UWF Fury Hour. This show delivered an hour of wrestling action every week on the old SportsChannel network.  

Let’s dive in and see if this was a decent program from 1990. Also, you can find the episodes on YouTube. 

Storylines In This Episode 

Since it’s the first episode, there’s really nothing that stands out. UWF is showing off their superstars in mainly squash matches and one really fun match. 

The one storyline that is featured on the first episode of UWF Fury Hour is between B. Brian Blair and “Dangerous” Dan Spivey. Blair is the booker man and seems pretty comfortable in saying Spivey couldn’t hack it in other promotions.  

Of course, Spivey kicked that ass during a press conference. Other than that, look out for the scrub named “Davey Meltzer” getting murdered by “Dr. Death” Steve Williams. 


Billy Jack Haynes destroyed a scrub in a match that almost went 4-minutes. I actually enjoyed this beating but it’s the kind of match where you don’t announce the match but say that Billy Jack Haynes will “be in action tonight.” 

Go ahead and do the same for Col. DeBeers and the scrub he ran through—Tim Patterson for old school lucha enthusiasts.  

Looking at my notes; Paul Orndorff running through his scrub and early 90s WWE enhancement talent Riki Ataki also belongs here.  

I will say that Orndorff match was very clean. He at least came out and didn’t wrestle like he was purely there to get his paycheck. 

Dr. Death destroyed Davey Meltzer in a pretty lengthy squash. It seemed longer than it actually was but Steve Williams won in convincing fashion—as expected. 


Brian Blair vs. Dan Spivey went to a double DQ. The match was above the squashes on the show but I’m not sure about ending the first episode of a new promotion with this one.

I mean, just to show “This is the kind of excitement you can expect on UWF Fury Hour!” isn’t represented well by a decent length bout that ends in a double DQ. 

That said, the match was paced well and there was something on the bone here as Blair vs. Spivey was the company’s first story. 


I’ll admit; this was probably a mid-tier match that had TV main event length but I really enjoyed Cactus Jack vs. David Sammartino. It was odd to have his father commentating his match and trying to explain how David was wrestling. 

You could say David’s approach was either slightly heelish or he was meeting Cactus Jack with the same gusto. David’s supposed to be the face here but he was really getting in there with Cactus Jack. 

Seeing this match, I’d say David Sammartino should’ve gone the wild brawler route in the 90s. I’d seen him in WWE during the 80s and while he wasn’t bad, he didn’t come off as anything special. 

Cactus Jack was great as always. I’ve gone into dozens of shows that featured Mick Foley in action and he rarely came in with lead ass in bouts. 

UWF Fury Hour #1 Verdict: Low-Tier (4.5/10) 

The exotic-tier match is the only thing truly worth watching here. As for the rest of the show—it wasn’t awful. The time could’ve been spent kicking off other storylines. 

Despite that, there were some enjoyable squashes peppered in. 

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