Wrestling Salvage Yard: Test In WWE

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Test was a WWE superstar who really kind of breezed through the company. On one hand, he showed up at the right time during the Attitude Era. 

However, it was easy for him to lose whatever momentum he built up really quickly. Could Test have been salvaged? 

Career Breakdown 

Test came into WWE with the gimmick of a bodyguard or extra muscle. His on-screen debut saw him yeet a “fan” off the stage during Motley Crue’s rehearsal on WWE RAW. 

During the Attitude Era, he moved through tag team combinations and factions. Most notably he was heavily associated with The Rock as a member of the heelish Corporation faction. 

I’d say his most memorable storyline was his romance with Stephanie McMahon which led to the union of Steph and Triple H. It was a blow to Test and a massive boon to Trips but this is WWE. 

I said that he lost momentum quickly but he did manage to shine as a competitor. The guy snagged European and IC title reigns and won the WWE and WCW Tag Team titles. 

This is key to note because those tag titles and the IC title win came during that Invasion period.  

He was still relevant enough to be involved in the thick of things during the death throes of the Attitude Era.  

After that, he remained involved in minor storylines including being Scott Steiner’s minion and a relationship with Stacy Keibler before being released in 2004. 

Test would return in 2006 for the ECW brand where nothing of note materialized. He was out of WWE again by 2007. 

Salvaging Test 

Honestly, Test went as far as he was going to go. I often say that if the brand split was in play, Test could’ve probably seen a late-career resurgence in WWE on SmackDown. 

That was the brand where veterans and up-and-comers thrived. He was there during the brand split and nothing happened.  

Test was still in storylines but he didn’t make progress up the roster. Hell, things didn’t even move when he joined the ECW brand. 

The one thing that hindered him was a lack of charisma. WWE wasn’t really bringing in managers but they had quite a few valets.  

Unless that valet could talk on the mic, they weren’t going to help someone who couldn’t get it done on the mic.  

Actually, what tends to happen is that the valet goes on to better things and ends up being serviceable on the mic or just that charming and their client ends up in midcard hell. 

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