WWE News: Who Could Asuka Defend The WWE Raw Women’s Championship Against Next?

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Asuka has been the dominant female on the Raw brand throughout much of 2020, but she is in desperate need of revitalising her character. It has been a slow couple of months for the Empress, and a sign of her problems to be engaged in a serious feud were evident as she was beaten at Survivor Series by Sasha Banks.

That was arguably the biggest match that she has had for a number of months, and there is a need for the superstar to have another meaningful rivalry on Raw to ensure that her title reign isn’t classed as a complete disappointment.

WWE News: Shayna Baszler

Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax have been the tag team champions for a number of months, but the countdown to them turning on each other is well underway. As a tag team they just don’t work, which means that one of them is likely going to betray the other and set their sights on the main singles championship on the red brand.

Jax looks set to compete with Lana for a while longer, which means that the scene could be set for Asuka to face off against Baszler. There is a simple story that can be told between the pair, as they were both dominant during their NXT days. Jax could also be thrown into this mix too, as a triple threat could be the match to get fans excited about Asuka again.

WWE News: Alexa Bliss

While Asuka may be the Raw Women’s champion, the most engaging female superstar on the red brand is actually Alexa Bliss. Since aligning with The Fiend, Bliss has been the one superstar that has been knocking it out of the park every Monday night.

A rivalry between Bliss and Asuka is certainly something that will engage fans, but it could be too early to pull the trigger. Instead, this match could be best suited for one of the bigger events of the year, which means a bout at the Royal Rumble or WrestleMania could be better.

WWE News: Lana

The WWE are pushing Lana hard at present, and that will likely see her overcome her rivalry with Jax with a huge win. A title opportunity could then be within reach for her, and it could be a match that fans will be interested in seeing.

Lana was the sole survivor at Survivor Series, and fans are certainly buying into her as a baby face. This could be a win-win for the WWE, as they could turn Asuka heel to face Lana, which will immediately see the Empress get the development that her character craves.

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