WWE Raw Results (11/2) – 2 on 1 Handicap Match – Drew McIntyre Defeated The Miz (pin) and John Morrison

McIntyre hit Miz with a Claymore for the win

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WWE Raw Results (11/2) – 2 on 1 Handicap Match – Drew McIntyre Defeated The Miz (pin) and John MorrisonWWE Raw Results returned as McIntyre was approached by Sheamus and they exchanged pleasantries, and Sheamus asked him to join Team Raw.

McIntyre said he can’t because he needs he WWE Championship.

Sheamus told him he understands and told him to Claymore Morrison’s head off and shove the MITB down the Miz’s throat.

2 on 1 Handicap Match – The Miz and John Morrison vs. Drew McIntyre

McIntyre has some new pyros that go off in the ring posts and they look pretty cool in WWE Raw Results opinion.

Morrison attacked early with a strike and kick, but when McIntyre cornered hi, Morrison slipped out fo the ring, but a right from McIntyre dropped Morrison.

McIntyre ate a kick off the ropes, then the Miz came in and hit some body blows, but McIntyre grabbed him and threw him into the corner and nailed a hard chop, followed by a right and a couple of stomps.

McIntyre then suplex-tossed Miz across the ring to Morrison.

After hitting another on, McIntyre pulled Morrison into the ring. The Miz hit a chop block and Morrison hit a knee for a pin attempt, then they hit a double gut buster

McIntyre leveled the Miz with a double chop, but the Miz pulled the rope down so McIntyre went to the floor.

McIntyre sidestepped a baseball slide and hit Miz with a clothesline and picked Morrison up for an Alabama Slam on Miz.

We returned from commercial to the action back in the ring and McIntyre still in ctonrol as he pounded on Morrison in a corner, then threw Morrison across the ring.

Morrison hit a jawbreaker and tagged in the Miz, but Miz ran into a reverse elbow but they managed to distract McIntyre enough to gain control and send him into the ring post.

The pair followed him to the floor and threw McIntyre into the barricade.

Miz threw McIntyre into the ring and hit a series of kicks in his corner, then a running clothesline. Morrison then his a corkscrew swanton over the ropes for a near pinfall,

Morrison kept working over McIntyre in their corner, then he distracted the referee so Miz could choke him out prior to a pin attempt.

McIntyre snapmared Morrison off of him, and McIntyre sent Morrison face furst into ghe ring post when he attempted Starship Pain.

McIntyre hit clubbing blows on Morrison’s chest and went for a reverse suplex, but Morrison knocked him down onto the ropes.

McIntyre sat up from a Tree of Woe and suplexed Morrison across the ring.

The Mix ran into a couple of clotheslines and belly to belly suplexes before he hit Miz with a backbreaker and kicked up.

Miz countered a future shock DDT into a Skull Crushing Finale, which McIntyre reversed into a spinebuster and a near pinfall that Morrison broke up.

Morrison hit with a superkick and a spinning neckbreaker for a near pinfall.

McIntyre knocked Morrison to the floor, but Miz his a Skull Crushing Finale. McIntyre kickd out to the Miz’s frustration.

The Miz hit a series of Yes! kicks, but McIntyre ducked the final one and shoved Miz into Morrison.

McIntyre hit a future shock DDT on The Miz, but Morrison pulled the Miz out of the ring to avoid a Claymore.

McIntyre then hit them with a suicide flip over the top rope

McIntyre threw Miz into the ring and hit with a Claymore for the pin.

While McIntyre celebrated, Orton came out and hit him with an RKO.

As Orton prepared to celebrate, Wyatt’s laughter filled the arena as the show ended.

We think this was as telegraphed as anything, but it was still a pretty cool moment.

What do you think of the match and episode? Let us know in the comments below, and thank you for joining WWE Raw Results. We had a blast and look forward to seeing you all next time.

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