WWE Smackdown Results (11/20) – New Day Visits

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Hello and welcome to WWE Smackdown Results!

This looks like it should be a fun night as it’s the Go Home episode for the Survivor Series Pay-per-view this Sunday (11/22).

Plenty of questions left to be answered, so let’s dive in and see what’s going on.

The show started backstage with the Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford) cutting a promo for the upcoming Survivor Series.

Lighting flashed in the room and it seemed like the Undertaker had arrived, but it was Big E wearing a sombrero.  

He had a good laugh, and then started in on the Street Profits where Dawkins told him, “I know, we’re two days away from beating the New Day and giving Kofi his Jamaican accent back.”

Big E corrected him, citing Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods’ championship accomplishments and abilities.

Ford didn’t waste any time pointing out they were stepping into the ring with them where they’ll win because all they bring are wins.

Big E told them they didn’t have to tell him, because the New Day is there and did the New Day opening and the camera switched to the ring as The New Day headed to the ring.

Corey Graves said other Raw superstars were invited to the show to basically promo Survivor Series. Remember the whole brand separation thing? Yeah.

What brand separation?

In the ring, Woods said he knows they’re not supposed to be there, but since they were invited they thought why not.

They want to give people something to talk about and they have a few words to say to the Street Profits.

Kingston said the Street Profits want the smoke, because they can’t handle the fire.

Woods make a comment about they’d be dead, and Kingston gave him grief about being too harsh and Woods explained it was a seque into his tribute to the Undertaker.

They then laid down in the ring and did a rendition of the Undertaker sitting up.

Sami Zayn came out complaining about them and everyone else talking about the Undertaker, and then claimed the only reason the Undertaker is calling this his farewell is to avoid payback from Zayn.

Zayn claimed it’s a ploy by WWE management to protect the Undertaker from him and allow him to take the coward’s way out and ride into the sunset.

Zayn then turned his attention to his match Bobby Lashley and how he’s a poster boy the WWE would love to protect him, and Zayn said he can’t wait to show the world that he’s better than Lashley.

Zayn explained he’s not there to hurt Kingston and Woods, but he thought they should talk about Sami Zayn the Intercontinental Champion instead of the Undertaker.

Kingston and Woods went back and forth, trying to think of something nice to say about Zayn.

Woods said he looks like a recently divorced dad who just got a down payment on a studio apartment.

They then congratulated him on being the king of his own castle as King Corbin came out calling Zayn out for letting the New Day talk to him like that.

Corbin told the New Day that they don’t belong and pointed out they had a farewell match a month ago.

Woods countered that they’re Raw superstars visiting.

So, Corbin told them they don’t belong on his show and they have to go.

Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler then came out, and Ziggler said he doesn’t have a problem with Corbin but he doesn’t like Zayn.

He then tore into the New Day for not belonging there and how they cost them the tag team titles.

Roode said that if they had another match, they’d be Raw Tag Team Championship.

Talking themselves into a fight

Kingston asked if they want a title match, and he offered a twist.

Woods said Corbin and Zayne were better than Ziggler and Roode and asked why they’re letting them get in their way.

Corbin said they’re not a team and Zayn tried to beg off saying he has a big match on Sunday and doesn’t want to pull anything. Zayn said they’d easily beat Ziggler and Roode and they started a back and forth.

Kingston said he thinks they should have a match and the winner gets a shot at the Raw tag team titles.

Roode and Ziggler were ready to go, and Corbin and Zayn started undressing, but Roode and Ziggler went after the New Day and beat them down.

The Street Profits came out to even it out and they took out Roode and Ziggler on the floor, then hit Corbin and Zayn with dropkicks, sending Zayn to the floor.

The New Day then hit Corbin with a double clothesline and sent him over the top rope.

Ford then took all four men out with a swanton dive over the top rope as we headed to commercial.

WWE Smackdown Results feels a gimmick match upcoming.

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