Ring Of Honor Results: LSG vs. Kenny King

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No one expected LSG to be one of the breakout stars of ROH in 2020. But he took Jay Lethal to the limit in a Pure Rules match only losing due to the judges, then also put on a great showing in a Four Corners Survival match at Final Battle. These were both losses, but he plans to finally win tonight with Kenny King.

King is also on a two match losing streak, first to Josh Woods in the Pure Rules tournament, also by judge decision, and to Shane Taylor. These are two men that are alike, and LSG would hope to be Kenny King someday, a tag team specialist who can break out on his own, with this YouTube exclusive match potentially being the first step of that.

Kenny King Is One Of The Best In ROH

King refused the Code Of Honor and slapped LSG’s hand away, before diving into a body scissors pinfall as the bell rang. LSG kicked out and got a rollup for a two count, and King went for another rollup as well. Another kickout was met by one of the meanest looking spinebusters I’ve seen in years, one that would have made prime Arn Anderson blush. King stomped LSG and kicked him outside of the ring, and was ready for him to try to get back in that ring.

LSG hit a shoulder to the gut and flipped over King, but took an elbow to the jaw. He came back with a big pump kick and a dropkick, getting a two count. Some heavy chops and elbows in the corner, before rolling King into the middle of the ring, slapping him across the face and springboarding right into a kick to the face. LSG barely kicked out after that, and King tried a second time.

King swept the leg when LSG got back up, and kicked him down to the mat. A springboard leg drop got another near fall, and King was starting to wonder just what he needed to do to end this match. He trapped the legs and applied an elevated cloverleaf, but LSG just barely made the ropes.

LSG Comes Short Again

King pulled LSG off the mat, but LSG landed on his feet and hit a back elbow. He flipped out of a back suplex attempt, and picked up the pace with some running forearms. LSG sent King outside and hit the Ace of Spades kick through the ropes. Back in the ring, LSG rolled into a pop up lariat for a near fall, and got a double underhook on King, but couldn’t lift him. Instead, he tried to springboard in the corner, but was caught on the shoulders of King, who opted for the Chin Checker instead of Royal Flush, not wanting to end this match just yet.

King would nail a Tiger Driver in the middle of the ring, and then set up Royal Flush again. LSG ended up on the top rope, jumped over King and caught him with Rocket-By-Baby. Instead of a pinfall, he went right to a crossface and King had to make it to the ropes, where LSG used all of the referees five count. He’d mouth off to Kenny King, but ran into an Eddy Gordo kick and was hit with Royal Flush for the finish.

Is LSG going to be a breakout star in 2021? Should we see this match under Pure Rules next time? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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