Suge D Wants To Control His Own Narrative, Speaks On Time In AEW With Chris Jericho

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Earlier this year, AEW saw a bit of an unexpected rise with one of the indy talents they brought on near the start of the pandemic. This is Suge D, or as he would be known after his run ins with Chris Jericho, Pineapple Pete. He had a brief rise on social media, until he got a match with Jericho on AEW Dynamite, lost in under a minute and was quietly set aside afterwards.

Since then, the most that we’ve seen from him is a brief cameo during a RAW Underground segment in WWE, but no notice of him getting signed to a developmental contract for NXT. He’s looking to end 2020 back in the public eye however, as he looks to control his own narrative and hopefully start 2021 with some contract offers.

Don’t Call Him Pineapple Pete

In what is planned to be a multi-part video series on his Twitter account, Suge D would start to control how his story is told. He’d talk about indy wrestling, how it’s dominated by about 10 people having so-called ‘dream matches’. Suge is tired of playing these games, of showing up ready to do anything for these veterans to try and get your big break.

Everyone already has their favorites and pet projects, so it’s often useless to try. Those pet projects will get to WWE, and an indy promotion will use that to say they make stars, but those stars forget their roots.

Suge D is not one of those men. He’s back in the indies after his time in the spotlight, and isn’t wanting to pander anymore. Suge won’t beg for respect after selling any respect he had to be a fruit themed wrestler who took an elbow to the face on TNT and left in the dust.

He won’t be called a joke anymore, that won’t be his career highlight. People won’t remember him as Pineapple Pete forever. The full promo can be found here, and his passion shines through with his own words better than I could ever paraphrase him. Part two is here, but you get the jist of what he’s going for with the first part. This is a side of Suge D that we’ve never seen before.

Could 2021 Be Another Big Year For Suge D?

While in these videos he potentially burns the bridges to AEW with his remarks about Chris Jericho, and WWE by making fun of Jaxson Ryker, he opened a door potentially. He would praise Caprice Coleman of ROH as being someone who should have been a multi-time world champion, how he wanted to be the next Caprice Coleman when he was coming up in companies like NWA Wildside. Coleman never made it as big as he should have in the ring, but has become one of the best commentators in the game alongside Ian Riccaboni.

With Suge D having praised Coleman, and Ring of Honor really being in a rebuilding period, this could be a very mutually beneficial partnership. Suge D could prove himself as not being a joke by tearing it up in the Pure Rules division with men like Josh Woods, Dak Draper, Brian Johnson and Jonathan Gresham. He could be that next breakout star the company needs as they properly enter a new decade following Final Battle 2020.

Part three of his Twitter series from Suge D comes out next week, as he will tell more of this story to us all. Do you think this is all leading to him having signed somewhere, or is he just testing the waters with a new gimmick? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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