Wrestling Salvage Yard: Doink the Clown

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Doink the Clown is one of those cartoonish gimmicks that managed to have some life after WWE. Could Doink be brought back to modern WWE as a regular gimmick? 

I Hate Clowns, Folks 

Doink the Clown is probably best known as an evil clown but he wasn’t always evil. He went from mischievous prankster then to evil clown to friendly clown before ending as occasionally appearing fodder. 

This gimmick has lived a lifeThat’s because anyone can play it for a match or a segment and still get a pop. Even if they’re disguised as Doink just to ambush people this gimmick has mileage. 

We’ve gotten to the point where you can put on the face paint and wrestle as Doink while not knowing his finish. Why? Because Doink’s not hitting his finisher on anyone anymore.  

Sneaky roll-ups and shenanigans resulting in a pin are his business now. In a large promotion, a wrestler doesn’t have to be invested in this creepy ass clown. 

Salvaging Doink the Clown 

The only actual way to mix Doink into the present WWE product would be as an evil, nightmare clown. That’s it. The colorful prankster really has no place in the company’s current product. 

What would be Doink’s purpose in WWE? Why was he there the first time? Where would WWE go with the gimmick? If anything, it could be used as a punishment gimmick if you really want to put guys in the dog house. 

I believe WWE wouldn’t want to invest Boogeyman levels of production and Kane levels of character development into a new Doink, so keep it as a surprise Royal Rumble entry or use it in segments. 

Although, I will say wrestling is in a strange and interesting time right now and a wrestling Doink putting on dope matches would probably garner a weird following. 

Wrestling fans nowadays really take to stuff outside of a company’s normal offerings. As cartoonish as Doink was, put him in some segments with R-Truth and have him deliver some midcard sleepers and he’ll find a place in the company. 

At least until the calls for the wrestler to wrestle as themselves start. It should be fine if WWE puts someone with potential or a charismatic worker behind the face paint. 

Salvage Potential: Low 

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