WWE NXT Results: Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Ever-Rise vs. Imperium

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Last week, before a match with Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson & James Drake) & Ever-Rise (Matt Martel & Chase Parker), Imperium (Marcel Bartel & Fabian Aichner) would attack and change the match, before Ever-Rise attacked at them both to close it out with a DQ. Tonight, these teams all meet in a triple threat tag team match, to see who is actually the best team.

Grizzled Young Veterans Aren’t Here To Wait Around

Matt Martel would want nothing to do with this fight right away, but his fleeing would only mean that Aichner & Gibson took him out. We were right to Imperium vs. GYV again this week, with Ever-Rise hiding and waiting for their spot. Bartel & Gibson would throw heavy blows in the ring, and after Bartel took knees to the back on the ropes, Martel got some punches to the head. He’d be sent off the apron with ease.

GYV would use their speed to take Bartel down, and start to isolate him in their corner, also super dropkicking Parker off the corner when the moment arises to keep Ever-Rise down. A tag team backbreaker to Bartel on the outside did some damage, and Ever-Rise would be snooping and waiting again for their spot. Bartel would try to get the tag after hitting a Saito Suplex to break isolation, but this was Martel’s time to strike!

Ever-Rise Pick Their Spot

Ever-Rise would hit a double neckbreaker on a weakened Bartel, but Drake broke the pin up. They’d hit the signature drop toehold into an elbow drop, but Martel took some time to jawjack and got taken out. Aichner & Gibson tagged in, but Gibson pushed into his corner and Drake was able to get Aichner with a boot to the face.

GYV did the work, and Ever-Rise wanted to take glory by taking Drake out after he’d taken Aichner out. A running lariat and their double facebuster had it, but Aichner broke the pin, and took Ever-Rise out. Parker got another chance after a double DDT from Imperium to Drake, but only got the two count.

He’d try to beat Drake alone, but end up with a Ticket to Mayhem, and this one went to the Grizzled Young Veterans. They had plans to become the NXT Tag Team Champions, but COVID-19 shut those down in a big way. Are they getting back on track to that goal? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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