WWE NXT UK Results: South Wales Subculture (Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews) vs. The Hunt (Primate & Wild Boar)

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A few weeks back, following his first round loss to A-Kid in the NXT UK Heritage Cup, Flash Morgan Webster was left for dead. This attack was set up by Eddie Dennis, as he recruited The Hunt to be his hitmen to take out Webster & Mark Andrews.

They were there when Andrews was taken out, and when Webster was taken down, but no one suspected the longtime friends to be the attackers. South Wales Subculture are former NXT UK Tag Team Champions, so a win here could shoot The Hunt to the top of the rankings, a move that Eddie Dennis would love to see.

South Wales Subculture Are Pissed

While Webster & Andrews are normally known for their technical wrestling and high flying, they’ve succumbed to rage and that means this is a match that will favour the brawling heavy team of The Hunt. They hit the ring and started throwing hands, taking The Hunt to the outside and nailing dives to the outside. Wild Boar & Andrews got in the ring, and this one got started.

Wild Boar was already being picked apart with kicks, before being sent to the outside again with a front dropkick. He was quickly sent back in for a standing moonsault, before Primate grabbed at the leg of Andrews and Boar nailed the back drop. Primate came in and just mauled Andrews with strikes, and now Andrews was getting isolated by two mad men.

Andrews fired up, and took Primate off the apron but was planted by Wild Boar as he looked to break across the ring for a tag. The Hunt have always been a solid team, but with Dennis barking orders, they’ve been able to cut the ring in half like experts. Dennis told them to attack the knee of Andrews, and that would allow Andrews to quickly counter into a cazadora into the double stomp, and tag in Webster.

Webster blasted into the ring with some wild strikes, showing an aggression rarely seen from the Welsh native. He’d take out both members of The Hunt with high flying offense on the outside, before throwing Boar into Primate in the ring.

The Hunt Are Better Than Ever

Andrews was tagged back in, and they’d hit a tag team version of Sliced Bread No. 2 and a standing shooting star press, but Wild Boar stopped their next attempt at a big move, and Primate threw both Andrews & Webster across the ring with suplexes.

Boar was legal again, and hit a pop up powerbomb on Webster, who rolled into the corner for a rolling senton. Webster came back with a headbutt, and Andrews was tagged in alongside Primate. Primate would rush right at Andrews with an attempt at what looked like a gore, but was stomped into the mat.

Wild Boar made the save, before both members of The Hunt were taken out with a DDT. Back in the ring, Primate was flung into a fast knee strike from Webster, but Dennis threw Boar in to make the save. Webster was sent back to the outside, and Primate exploded into Andrews with a lariat.

The Hunt would work together to drive Andrews into the mat, but he’d kick out. Webster would dive back into the match and take out Boar with a crossbody to even the odds, and Andrews hit Stundog Millionaire.

This set up the Shooting Star Press, but Boar distracted the referee and let Dennis trip Andrews up. Dennis then lured Webster into a clothelines from Boar, and Primate took Andrews out in the ring with The Gore. The Hunt hit the Toss Powerbomb, and get the biggest win of their career.

Are The Hunt on their way to a shot at the NXT UK Tag Team Champions? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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