WWE Raw Results (11/30) – Miz TV featuring Sheamus

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WWE Raw Results didn’t expect this segment as the Miz and John Morrison are supposed to face Drew McIntyre and Sheamus later tonight, but then they need a way to hype it up so…

The Miz welcomed up and pimped out his show “Miz and Mrs” and said they managed to get one of their opponents later on as their guest.

Sheamus came out without hesitation while looking ready for something to happen.

Miz and Morrison asked how his Thanksgiving was and is he was the type to go right for the sides.

Sheamus threatened them for wasting his time, and they tried to keep things calm while saying they were curious about McIntyre.

When Sheamus asked what they wanted to know, and Miz brought up how he gave McIntyre his family’s sword.

They pointed out that McIntyre hadn’t given him anything and tried to drive a wedge between them, which wasn’t working judging by Sheamus’ expression.

Pushed too far

Sheamus said he gave a friend a gift and didn’t expect anything in return. He said he gave him back his property and that they are like brothers and go way back.

The Miz said he’s after the WWE Championship, and Morrison said if McIntyre was a real friend he would’ve offered Sheamus a championship matchup.

Miz promised Morrison would be his first match after he cashes in the MITB contract.

The Miz then tried to convince Sheamus to turn on McIntyre so he can cash in.

Sheamus laughed at him, and Miz asked him when was the last time he tasted a championship and ripped into Sheamus’ career, calling it a joke.

Sheamus got to his feet and removed his coat and told him the difference between him and Miz is the Miz like to run his mouth while Sheamus likes to use his hands.

Sheamus then clocked them both and threw Miz out of the ring.

Sheamus then threw Morrison off his back and started to beat down Morrison but the Miz hit Sheamus a few times with the MITB briefcase.

As they stood over Sheamus, McIntyre didn’t come out, which WWE Raw Results expect will make Sheamus think.

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