3-Up Spotlight: Disco Inferno

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It’s a new year and we’re already deep into the first month. I figured we would put the Wrestling Salvage Yard away and go three up on some wrestlers starting with Disco Inferno. 

In “3-Up” we look at three pros that should’ve made them a bigger star or made them a big star. Let’s see if there were more pros than cons for Disco Inferno at his peak. 

The Man Had Solid Ring Ability 

In the 1990s, Disco Inferno was a guy who could mix it up with opponents of different styles and paces in WCW.  

He had an in-ring style that was flexible enough that he didn’t overdo it or anything. Think Jeff Jarrett’s style only from a slightly taller guy.  

If he needed to crank up the pace, he could do that as well. There have been matches in WCW where Disco just hustled and it made for an exciting bout. 

I’m not talking comedy matches either. Disco would come out, boogie-woogie the have a solid, competitive match against cruisers, midcard heavyweights, and even a woman—which 90s wrestling in the U.S wasn’t ready for at the time. 

Disco Inferno Didn’t Disappoint on the Mic 

We wouldn’t get to witness this until later in Disco’s WCW run and in TNA but he had a gift on the mic during his peak.  

While he was usually placed in comedic angles as a lackey or goofball, he had the ability to hold his own on the mic as an obnoxious personality.  

He also had that willingness—that all wrestlers need—to talk in front of large crowds. While he wasn’t The Rock, Stone Cold, Ric Flair, or Dusty Rhodes, in his position in WCW, his mic skills stood out.  

Paired with his in-ring ability and the state of late 90s WCW, I wouldn’t have been surprised by a gimmick change that would have him hovering between regular U.S champion and a reoccurring contender to the World title. 

Gilberti Was A Rock-Solid Heel 

It’s been said that every great babyface worked as a heel prior. Disco Inferno was a good heel, pure and simple. In the same vein, he also adapted to new gimmicks well. 

At a time when some gimmick decisions were questionable, Disco would be placed in a new setting or angle and just carry on as if he was always in a rapper’s entourage or something. 

The base of his gimmicks is that he plays obnoxious and comedy extremely well. If he was given anything along those lines, he wasn’t going to sink. 

Of course, there’s the question of if he could’ve depicted a more serious persona. We never really got to see that in WCW or his early TNA run. 

He had been a face in WCW in 2000 as part of the Filthy Animals but I believe that he had a stronger face run in him. It’s just that 2000-2001 WCW wasn’t the place for it. 

What do you believe were Disco Inferno’s three strengths? Let us know in the comments! 

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