Do We Need A Darby Allin And MJF Feud In The Near Future? 

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Two of the best wrestlers in AEW are Darby Allin and MJF. They are currently pretty far apart with MJF currently deep into a Inner Circle feud. Then there’s Darby Allin who has been in a feud with Team Tazz that kind of been going on for too long. It does feel like both of these feuds will hopefully end after Revolution.

Although it doesn’t seem likely with Sting getting involved. It still has been going for too long. The Inner Circle feud has started to gain speed and does feel like it could end in Revolution too. With that looking possible it looks like they will both need new feuds. Why not with each other? 

Why this needs to happen. 

Both wrestlers are complete opposites. With Darby Allin being all dark and mysterious and MJF being the complete opposite. They are both young as well meaning that we could see some great feuds throughout their career.

Although it should start soon when both wrestlers are in the prime. The feud these two could have could be truly epic. With MJF going full heel into Derby’s gimmick and Darby Allin doing his dark and broody videos. These two working together could be fantastic entertainment. 

Should it wait until one of them is AEW champion?

It would be fantastic if their first feud was for the AEW champion but it feels like that should be a second feud of sorts. As Kenny Omega is going to be the champion for a very long time. Darby Allin currently holds the TNT championship and the fact that this championship is already very prestiged.

It could easily be the prize of their feud. When they are more experienced and have spent a lot more time perfecting their character and style. A match in the future between them for the AEW championship should be in the works.

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