’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Jovi Is Not Worried About Yara’s Previous Engagement

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90 Day Fiancé’ spoilers finds that cast member, Jovi Dufren is not worried about Yara Zaya’s previous engagement even though his family’s surprise about it.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Yara Was Previously Engaged

90 Day Fiancé’s Jovi Dufren said he isn’t worried about Yara’s engagement. He said, “Yeah, I was aware of the fact that she was engaged before. Basically runaway bride over here. Runaway right before she was supposed to get married,” the TLC star exclusively told Us Weekly on Thursday, January 14. “So I knew that, but I felt like we had a connection and I wasn’t really worried.”In the sneak peek of Sunday’s episode shared by Us Weekly, Yara shares the revelation about her engagement but downplays the situation to the mother of her love, Jovi.
’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Jovi Is Not Worried About Yara’s Previous Engagement
She said, “I mean, not engaged like ‘engaged.’ Just, like, proposed to me. But I didn’t, like … [I accepted] just a ring. I was engaged. Guy proposed [to] me. I was thinking that maybe, but then I changed my mind,” the Ukraine native says in a confessional interview. “It’s happened, it’s life — that’s it.”The TLC star also explains the timeline of her engagement to her partner’s mother.
She says that she met Jovi after four months of being engaged. Jovi’s mother is shocked after the revelation by Yara. She told TLC cameras that she doesn’t know if her son knows about it or not. She says, “Makes me a little curious as to what happened, why it ended.”
90 Day Fiancé: Jovi’s Family Have Moved son From Yara’s Past
Even though Jovi’s family hesitates about Yara’s last, they have moved on from it. Yara said that her relationship with Jovi’s family is healthy. She told Us Weekly on Thursday. that, “Jovi’s family, from my opinion, they’re wonderful. They’re so nice. Jovi’s mama, she’s so good. She’s a sensitive person, but it seems now I can hang out with her. I love Jovi’s family.
I think he [is] really blessed that he has such a cool family.”90 Day Fiancé, Jovi also agreed that his family has welcomed his babe. He said that he is happy to see his babe and his family get along. He said that they didn’t get along at first, and they had a bit of confusion because everyone was not on the same page.
Jovi said, “And to see that everybody was able to overcome these things and actually get along and accept Yara into their life, it was important for me.”

Yara also said that she understands. She said, “And people watching [a] movie, you have some stereotype about the woman from Ukraine and I understand where they come from.

I understand probably if I will be from this country and my son will get married [to a woman from Ukraine], I will be freaking worried too.”

It is good to see that things are going well between the couple. Fans can catch up with them on TLC every Sunday. 

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