WWE Announces Plans For Wrestlemania 37, 38 & 39

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After Wrestlemania was held over two nights in an empty WWE Performance Center in 2020, fans were concerned that we’d never get a big Wrestlemania again. However, WWE won’t give up that easily. Tonight they announced where the next three Wrestlemania events will be held, covering the next few years, and none of them are the WWE Thunderdome! 

Wrestlemania 37 Will Take Place In Florida Over Two Nights

2020’s Wrestlemania was set to take place in Raymond James Stadium in Florida, but obviously plans changed. They will finally get their planned Wrestlemania this year, as they will run the venue over April 10th and 11th. 

Yep, we’re getting another two day Wrestlemania, which was the best part of Wrestlemania 36. This is likely due to them needing to have COVID-19 restrictions in place, and it’s simply better to split the action up. If they get great success on this event, we can expect them to do this more going forward. 

This means the show will have fans, potentially one of the first WWE shows with fans in almost a year. New Japan Pro Wrestling showed that this is possible to do safe with Wrestle Kingdom, but it’s up to WWE to enforce strict safety guidelines for fans and performers alike.

Going Back To Dallas For Wrestlemania 38, and Going Hollywood For 39!

While we don’t know if they’ll be two night events, or even have an idea of what the cards will be? We know where WWE is going for Wrestlemania in 2022 & 2023. 2022 will see WWE return to AT&T Stadium, where Wrestlemania 32 went down.

That show brought record attendance, but isn’t a fondly remembered show. The show saw a main event of Roman Reigns vs. Triple H, but Zack Ryder becoming Intercontinental Champion and a triple threat match between Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch were the show stealing moments.

Finally, 2023 brings WWE to the new SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. This one is being billed as Wrestlemania Hollywood, which will have fans hoping for a proper retirement match for The Rock for sure.

Are you excited for another two night Wrestlemania? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below. 

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