WWE News: Could John Cena Return For WrestleMania 37, And Who Could He Face?

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It has been nearly ten months since we last saw John Cena in the WWE. The Cenation leader’s final match with the company before his extended break came at the biggest show of the year last year, as he came up against The Fiend in a strange Firefly Fun House match.

It was revealed on social media over the weekend where the next three WrestleMania’s would be taking place, and Cena was among the star that cut promos to announce the decision. However, could his involvement in the promotion mean that his return could be inevitable?

WWE News: Unlikely That Cena Will Miss Mania

It remains unlikely that Cena will miss Mania this year, as he remains one of the biggest stars in the company. He brings a huge box office attraction with him, which means that the WWE may be look arrange a match for Cena. Just to have him on the card will have benefits for the WWE, as he could also share the ring with an up-and-coming talent to share his limelight with them.

It would certainly be a massive miss if Cena isn’t involved at all, as he has been involved in ever Mania since 2004. His part in the show is diminishing, as he hasn’t been in a main event match for a number of years, but his star power remains. It would be wise for the company to call on Cena for the show, but what part could he play?

WWE News: Who Could Cena Face?

There will likely be a huge queue of superstars lining up to take on Cena should he return to the WWE in time for the biggest event of the year. But, he could turn to a familiar foe for a match on the biggest night of the year. Superstars such as AJ Styles and Randy Orton could make for massive match-ups. The latter of those would seem unlikely though, as Orton will likely be ending his feud with The Fiend at the biggest show of the year.

Instead, Cena could come back to take on one of the new faces of the company. Reigns will likely be coming up against Daniel Bryan at Mania, which means that Drew McIntyre may be looking for an opponent. Cena vs McIntyre could be a massive match for the Scot, as it would be his opportunity to reach a global mainstream audience for the first time. There will also be the added intriguing element that Cena is looking for one more title to match the record set by Ric Flair.

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