WWE News: Does Triple H’s Return To The Ring Indicate That The Game Is Set For One Final Match?

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It was an unusual night of action on Raw last night, as the action kicked off with Triple H cutting a promo. Ultimately he was interrupted by Randy Orton, which led to an impromptu match between the two old rivals being announced for later in the night. It was a seamless way to make up for the fact that Drew McIntyre was absent from the show after testing positive for COVID, and it was a believable match to make.

Orton and Triple H have been engaged in on-again-off-again storylines throughout their careers, and it would only seem right that Triple H took exception to the attacks carried out by Orton on other WWE legends. Therefore, a match between the two was a pleasant surprise.

WWE News: Could Triple H Have One More Match?

It was almost astounding to hear that this match against Orton on Raw was the first time that Triple H has wrestled in over 18 months, as he didn’t appear in a single competitive matchup last calendar year. It also felt like the first time in a very long time that Triple H was wrestling on Raw, but regardless, a welcome sight that the WWE authoritative figure was keen to step up to fill the void left by the WWE Champion.

The match itself was an eventful one, with the closing stages certainly being the part that many were talking about this morning. Triple H was about to unleash hell with his sledgehammer before it caught flames and he disappeared. That led to the return of Alexa Bliss, who ended the show by throwing a fireball at Orton. But, one of the biggest questions from the show centred around whether we could see Triple H have one more match?

WWE News: Who Could He Face?

There would certainly be a desire to see Triple H in the ring one final time, as his career certainly deserves a fitting send off. There isn’t any doubt that Triple H would let one of the up and coming superstars end his career, to give them the momentum that they need to move forward.

It could be an interesting turn of events to see Triple H head to Mania this year with a match against a star that was made in NXT. Keith Lee could be a star that would benefit massively from being the one to end Triple H’s career, while there is also another number of stars that would be interested in the matchup.

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