WWE NXT UK Results: A-Kid vs. WALTER

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Whenever NXT UK Champion WALTER steps into a ring, it’s always going to be something must see. The same goes for the winner of the NXT UK Heritage Cup, A-Kid. So when A-Kid called out WALTER for a title match? Everyone was just wondering when we got this match. Well, it’s already here. Can A-Kid shine outside of British Rules matches? Is WALTER’s reign through?

A-Kid Had A Perfect Plan

WALTER easily had the size advantage in this match, almost double the size of A-Kid. Kid would have to keep moving and break WALTER down, and he’d try to take the champion down and grapple him. Everyone is the same size on their back, but WALTER is no slouch on the mat. WALTER threw his first chop of the match and was dodged, before taking one from Kid.

A-Kid was taken down to the mat with a headlock, and had to fight like hell to get free. He’d get a headscissors but the long legs of WALTER got the ropes. Some more kicks to the leg of WALTER staggered him, but he’d catch Kid and just force him down to try and pin him, but Kid showed insane power and lifted the champion up with a neck bridge.

Kid would throw more lightning quick strikes, before being taken to the corner and nearly having his chest caved in with a clubbing overhand blow. Instead, an armbar over the ropes was applied, weakening the arm for a later submission. Picking apart WALTER was working so far.

WALTER Is Just Plain Violent

The champion was showing some frustration, and would finally be chopped down with kicks to the left leg. A single leg crab would be applied, before Kid was kicked off. Some boots to the face and a dropkick just pissed WALTER off, who finally nailed a chest shattering chop, sending Kid spinning to the mat. Another would nearly send him onto his neck, but WALTER couldn’t follow up with a pin due to the hurt knee.

Kid would quickly find himself in a Boston Crab which was shifted into an STF. He’d free himself on the ropes, but be dropped with a boot to the side of the head before being stomped and slammed into the mat. Kid kept chopping at the leg with kicks, but ten of his strikes were equal to one from WALTER. A headlock was applied, but Kid fought free just to have his throat chopped.

Clubbing chest blows on the apron saw Kid counter and get a Dragon Screw, before hitting a springboard dropkick to the knee. The champion was getting tied up, but got the ropes before a kick to the spine, and came back with a slap to the face. A shotgun dropkick into a powerbomb got a two count for WALTER, Kid showing a bit left in the tank.

Another chop could have been a KO, but Kid went for the Omoplata but failed to get a complete submission attempt. WALTER rolled out of the ring with a triangle in the process of being applied, and powerbombed Kid on the apron. A-Kid kept fighting, but a lariat, chop to the back of the neck and a short arm lariat ended this one.

WALTER is the best wrestler in the world when he gets a big match. His matches aren’t flashy, they’re brutal, and that works with any opponent. There’s no shame in A-Kid, but the ring is sacred for a reason. Match Rating: 4.5/5 (**** ½)

Can anyone stop WALTER? Will he reign forever as NXT UK Champion, and beat Pete Dunne’s record? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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