WWE Raw Results (1/11) – United States Championship – Bobby Lashley (c) w/MVP Defeated Riddle by Submission; Riddle Defeated MVP w/Bobby Lashley by Disqualification

Lashley slapped on the Hurt Lock for the win; Lashley hit a spear on Riddle for the DQ

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WWE Raw Results returned and noticed that Lashley was intense and totally focused on Riddle this week, so this should be a good one.

Lashley attacked Riddle from behind in a reversal of last week’s match between them.

Lashley let the referee pull him away before he spun around the referee and went back after Riddle and beat him down in the corner.

And all of hit before the bell rang.

Riddle slowly got to his feet and Lashley leveled him with a clothesline, and when the bell rang, Lashley hit him in the corner, threw him across the ring, then his a running spear in the opposite corner.

A right hand dropped Riddle in the corner, but Riddle fought back before Lashley caught him and hung him onto the rope with one arm.

Riddle fell to the floor and Lashley followed him out.

Riddle slipped off Lashley’s shoulders and Lashley ran into the ring post.

Riddle then hit a knee strike as Lashley tried to enter the ring, and followed it with a Floating Bro off the top rope.

Riddle threw him into the ring and tried to hit his Final Flash Knee, but Lashley caught him and slammed him to the mat.

Lashley circled him and picked him up in the Hurt Lock. Riddle fought to get to the ropes, but tapped out.

As they left the ring, Riddle called out MVP and said he may not be able to beat Lashley, but he can beat him.

MVP told him he’d be happy to show him and headed to the ring, removing his suit jacket as he did so.

Riddle vs. MVP w/Bobby Lashley

The match started with MVP holding Riddle by his hair and then landing a few strikes and a knee to drop him.

MVP hit his ballin’ elbow for a pin attempt and then nailed Riddle with a series of Rights.

Riddle hit a kick and then a couple of running rights in the corner.

After an exchange in the middle of the ring, Riddle hit a knee, then kicked Lashley outside the ring before hitting a Broton off the top rope.

Lashley hit Riddle with a spear to get MVP disqualified, and then he beat Riddle down before hitting a face slam.

Lashley then held the US belt in front of Riddle, and MVP nailed a running kick before they left the ring.

WWE Raw Results loves watching Lashley go to work. How it took so long for him to get a real solid push is practically criminal. Glad to see him and the rest of the Hurt Business flourishing.

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