UFC News: Former World Champion Claims That Conor McGregor Should Turn His Back On The UFC

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It has been a few months now since Conor McGregor returned to the UFC to take on Dustin Poirier, but his future plans remain affected by the fight that the two stars had at UFC 257. The Irishman has been left questioning what step to take next in his career, as it looks more and more unlikely that he will be able to stay competitive in the UFC while also fighting in boxing at the same time.

A decision will need to be made soon whether his target of winning a boxing world title outweighs his desire to top the UFC mountain once again. However, a former boxing world champion has now urged McGregor to choose boxing.

UFC News: World Champion Urges McGregor

One former world champion that believes the decision that should be made by McGregor is clear cut is two-time world champion, George Foreman. He recently admitted to the Daily Star that the UFC star should turn full-time to boxing, and believed that should he do that, then he would be in a strong position to beat Manny Pacquiao should the two fighters square off in the ring.

The chances of the mega cross-over fight look incredibly slim after Poirier’s victory over McGregor at the beginning of the year, but there could still be an outside chance of it happening should the Irishman reveal that he is focusing purely on boxing. Regardless, the decision that he makes will make for a blockbuster main event whichever sport he decides to compete in.

UFC News: What Are McGregor’s Options?

The boxing option would certainly be one that many believe to be a viable route, but there is a chance that he would need to fight against another fighter before sharing the ring with the legendary Filipino. Instead, McGregor could stay in the UFC and opt for a rematch against Poirier, which could realistically happen later in the year.

A huge rematch before Khabib and the Irishman looks to be out of the question now, which means that the Poirier rematch could be the biggest bout to make in the UFC, and any rematch could also see the lightweight title on the line. However, there will understandably be a number of other stars in the UFC that may feel that they are more deserving of a title opportunity given that McGregor has lost two of his last three in the octagon.

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