WWE 205 Live Results: Tony Nese vs. August Grey

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There are a few constants in the world. You have death, taxes, and Tony Nese getting involved in the matches of fellow 205 Live OG Ariya Daivari. Last week, August Grey was extremely close to beating Daivari in their singles match, so of course Tony Nese got involved and turned the tides in the favor of his friend. This week, Grey gets Nese one on one in a first time match up, that might as well just be billed as a handicap match from the start. That was, unless Grey found a friend.

August Grey Has Backup This Time

Grey would be joined by Jake Atlas at ringside, someone to keep Ariya Daivari at bay during this match.This was a more fair fight now, but Nese started off strong by taking him down into a leg lock. Grey would fight his way back to his feet, only to be taken into the corner and hit with a big shoulder tackle.

Nese would hit some big strikes, but get cocky which allowed Grey to take control. He’d hit a running hurricanrana, a big back elbow, and a big delayed scoop slam which showed his power. Daivari would stick his arm into the ring to grab the leg of Grey, prompting Atlas to try to get involved. Grey would call Atlas off this time, and dodged the attempted dropkick from Nese.

Tony Nese Is Left All Alone

However, after battering Nese and sending him back into the ring, Grey would once again have to deal with Daivari. This time, Nese hit the hotshot over the top rope, and followed up with the springboard moonsault. Some more clubbing blows would follow, but Grey still had energy to slam Nese face first into the turnbuckle and get the rope walk crossbody. Nese quickly came back with a sit-out pumphandle slam. Grey kicked out at two, but had to fight off the body scissors attempt.

He’d fight free, and hit a big lariat and neckbreaker before launching Nese off a back suplex. Nese landed fast first on the mat, and Grey went up top only to be distracted by Atlas getting thrown into the steel steps. Nese would hit a palm strike, but miss the 450 Splash. Grey looked for the Killswitch, but once again Daivari got involved. Nese would throw Grey out of the ring, but Daivari was taken out by Atlas. Atlas was hit with the Flosbury Flop from Nese, before Grey dove onto Nese. Back in the ring, the Killswitch landed and this was over. August Grey wins!

What will end this feud between August Grey, Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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