WWE 205 Live Results: Jake Atlas vs. Tony Nese

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Tony Nese has been trying to prove he’s the face of 205 Live for quite some time now, to very little effect. He’s been unable to properly string wins together, and has also had some tag team focus with Ariya Daivari. After losing out in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, he’s back to singles action tonight with Jake Atlas. Atlas gets better with every match, and took August Grey out last week. Nese will look to end his budding winning streak following an attack on Atlas last week on 205 Live.

Tony Nese Doesn’t Need Help, But It’s Here Anyways

After claiming he didn’t need Daivari to win this match, Daivari came to ringside before they’d even locked up. He’d join commentary, and Atlas got hit from behind while distracted by Daivari joining commentary. Nese would batter Atlas with back elbow strikes, before Atlas made the comeback after a running hurricanrana. Atlas would take a spin kick to the gut, before a flurry of strikes dropped him.

Nese nailed a hard running back elbow, getting a two count. Atlas fought back to his feet, and nailed a low dropkick before an axe kick. Nese countered a suplex attempt, but took a big neckbreaker. Atlas was almost dropped on his head with a reverse piledriver, and when he thought he countered, Nese rolled through with a hard spinning back kick.

Jake Atlas Keeps Rising Higher

Nese would throw Atlas hard into the corner, before grabbing a cravate for some knee strikes to the face. A suplex followed, which Nese got a two count off, before he’d applied a body scissor. Atlas fought his way free with some strikes, before sending Nese to the outside with a lariat. A moonsault to the floor saw Nese take two knees right to the face in a nasty landing.

Back in the ring, Atlas hit a big lariat and managed a near fall. Nese fought back with the hotshot over the top rope, before his signature springboard moonsault landed perfectly. It got a two count, and Nese applied a tight waist lock. Atlas again broke free, countered a german suplex attempt before dropping Nese with a kick and hitting a moonsault. A german suplex and forearm smash got a near fall.

Atlas hit a big brainbuster and dropped Nese for another near fall, and no one was surprised that Daivari got involved in the match by throwing his chain into the ring. Grey came out to take it from Nese, allowing Atlas to get the roll up and win the match.

Will Atlas be able to work his way to another title shot? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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