WWE News: Which Superstar Will Win The Number One Contender Elimination Chamber Match?

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There will be two Elimination Chamber matches to look forward to at the upcoming PPV this Sunday. Drew McIntyre will be forced to defend his championship against five former champions in one of the matches, as the Scottish superstar looks to continue on his path to WrestleMania as champion.

One superstar who looks to have a more straightforward path to the biggest show of the year looks to be Roman Reigns, who will not be competing in the Elimination Chamber this year. Instead, the Universal champion will take on the winner of the SmackDown match later on in the evening.

WWE News: Odds Stacked Against Elimination Chamber Winner

There is no denying that the winner of the Elimination Chamber match will have the odds stacked against them when they take on Roman Reigns later in the evening. The Chamber match is one of the most brutal in WWE, and whichever star wins the match will need to recover quickly before taking their title opportunity later in the night.

There is a competitive field for the Chamber match, which is full of high-quality stars from the blue brand. However, as is the case with any multi-man match in WWE, a number of stars can be discounted from winning before a bell is rung. The heels in the match all look to be outsiders, as a case can’t be made for Jey Uso, Sami Zayn or King Corbin winning the match on Sunday.

WWE News: Credible Chances

While Jey Uso is among the unlikely winners, there could be a chance that he wins only to forfeit his championship opportunity later on in the evening to continue the strong connection that he has built up with the head of the table. However, it is the faces involved that look to have the best chance of claiming the win.

A case can be made for Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens and Cesaro ahead of the match. Owens has been inundated with championship opportunities over recent months, and a win for him could signal the end of his feud with Reigns. Meanwhile, Bryan thrives when he isn’t against the odds, and this could also be reliving his Mania Cinderella story. However, the pick for the match has to be Cesaro, who cut one of the best promos in recent years on TalkingSmack last week, and deserves his opportunity. Fans will be hoping this isn’t a one-and-done match, and that the two can continue their rivalry to the next PPV before Mania season.

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