WWE NXT Results: Cameron Grimes Is A Whole New Man

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It’s been too long since we’ve been blessed by Cameron Grimes on NXT, but that changes tonight. Back from injury and better than ever, Grimes looks to get back on track to winning singles gold in NXT. Many hoped to see him in the 2021 Royal Rumble, but he’s got too much unfinished business down in NXT, and that starts with stomping someone through the mat. Or does it? We might have a whole

A Whole New Cameron Grimes After Investing In GameStop

Grimes showed up with a new car, a new suit, a new watch, and stacks of money. He’d grab a microphone and say there’s a reward for anyone who stands up for Grimes. Thatcher was called out for injuring him, being called Thatcher the MCL Snatcher. Grimes didn’t spend all his time training for Thatcher (who he intends to stomp into the ground), and also played some video games.

Played so many video games, that he ran out of games, went to Gamestop. He decided to put all his money into Gamestop and went TO THE MOON! Now he’s basically the new million dollar man, and he’s also invested in DogeCoin, which made him even more rich! Grimes is the richest man in NXT, and there’s no one who can tell him anything.

Even William Regal can’t tell him what to do, as he jumps around the ring like late era WCW Ric Flair. Grimes was moving so much that he lost his jacket mid-promo and didn’t even notice. He’s got more money than brains at this point, and that’s just what Grimes needed.

Grimes didn’t wrestle tonight, but he didn’t need too. This was pure comedy gold, and I look forward to seeing what Big Money Grimes will do next.

Do you like these changes to the character of Cameron Grimes? Will he get his rematch with Timothy Thatcher? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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