WWE NXT Results: Santos Escobar vs. Karrion Kross [No Disqualification Match]

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Last week on NXT, we were supposed to see an epic clash between NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar, and former NXT Champion Karrion Kross. Instead, Santos Escobar woke up and chose cowardice. However, this prompted NXT General Manager William Regal to set stakes for this week. If Escobar doesn’t show up for what is now a No Disqualification match? He’s stripped of his championship and suspended.

Santos Escobar & Karrion Kross Start This Fight In The Parking Lot

This fight started in the parking lot, as Kross took out Wilde & Mendoza. Escobar attacked from behind, and rammed Kross into a loading door. Kross came back by sending Escobar into the side of a truck. They’d fight around to the back of the truck, Escobar slipping in and slamming the door onto Kross. This phased him for a moment, before Escobar was thrown into the truck again. Kross missed an elbow, and Escobar hid in the cab of the truck, but Kross had a pickaxe and was gonna mine his way in.

Escobar slipped out, and got some clubbing blows and some help from Wilde & Mendoza would beat Kross down. It was a three on one beatdown, and no one will come to the aid of Kross. He’d be slammed into the truck time and time again, before Legado drug Kross into the ringside area. They’d keep beating him down, until Kross threw Wilde & Mendoza through the plexiglass.

This one finally got into the ring, and Kross nailed a big boot to Escobar, before sending him over the top rope. Escobar grabbed a steel chair, and battered Kross with it to regain control, before sending him into the steel steps. Throughout the picture in picture break, Escobar remained in control as Mendoza & Wilde would ensure Kross couldn’t get too much space.

Karrion Kross Isn’t Hopeless When Outnumbered

A steel chair was wrapped around his arm, as he was driven right into the ring post. Escobar followed up with a DDT onto the steel chair, but Kross refused to stay down. Kross would get away from Escobar for a moment, and throw Wilde into the barricade, only to be pierced by the Arrow From The Depths Of Hell. Escobar went back to the injured arm, applying a short arm scissor before letting go to go for Three Amigos.

Kross would finally get a big move on Escobar, countering out into an exploder suplex, before getting another one and sending Escobar outside. He’d take out Mendoza who had the steel chair, but Wilde saved Escobar from being smashed. Kross finally took out Wilde & Mendoza, and could focus on Escobar. A fast lariat and kick in the corner would see Escobar slip outside, just to take a Doomsday Saito through the announce table! Back in the ring, another Doomsday Saito, and Kross set up that elbow to the back of the head, putting Escobar down for the three count.

This was a perfectly crafted no disqualification match, from the parking lot brawl, to Legado Del Fantasma smartly using their numbers edge, and Kross finally overcoming those odds. It showed that Escobar is smart, but Kross is all grit. This was hit best match yet, for sure. 4.25/5 (**** ¼)

Should Kross get another shot to become NXT Champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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