WWE NXT Results: Tyler Rust vs. KUSHIDA

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This past Sunday at NXT Takeover: Vengeance Day, KUSHIDA went 25 minutes in an instant classic match with Johnny Gargano. He lost, but his strong showing keeps him in the title picture. Bronson Reed is also wanting a shot at the NXT North American Championship, but Malcolm Bivens hopes to get his client next in line. Tyler Rust will face KUSHIDA tonight, and will be the fresh man in this one for sure.

Tyler Rust Isn’t Wasting This Chance

Rust would go after the leg of KUSHIDA starting out, but almost get his wrist snatched. KUSHIDA would be sent to the mat with an arm drag, and damage from Sunday was clear. Rust just had to wrestle his usual match, and that’d win it, but KUSHIDA calmly broke a hammerlock by weaving through the ropes and kicking Rust’s arm.

KUSHIDA got moving and applied a deep european clutch pin for a two count. Rust would fire up and nail KUSHIDA with a hard strike, before sending KUSHIDA to the apron. He’d get kicked in the head and hit with an armbreaker, but was able to yank KUSHIDA off the top rope.

Rust would get to work with his submission skills, applying a rear naked choke, but KUSHIDA was able to get a foot on the bottom rope. We’d go on a commercial break, but things weren’t looking great for KUSHIDA here.

KUSHIDA & Rust Go Hold For Hold

Coming back from the break, KUSHIDA retook control, and hit the hip toss into a low dropkick combo. Rust took a punch to the jaw, had his arm kicked and was hit with a running armbreaker. KUSHIDA went for the chickenwing suplex, but Rust was able to counter with one of his own. Rust hit a scissor kick, and focused on the neck of KUSHIDA.

Rust would apply the sleeper hold in the middle of the ring, before moving into a hybrid arm & leg lock. KUSHIDA turned it into a pin, getting free, and kicking the arm. Rust went for a Death Valley Driver, KUSHIDA countered into Hoverboard Lock. Bivens hopped onto the apron to throw in the towel, so Rust can avoid injury.

Could Rust have broken the hold? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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