WWE NXT UK Results: Tyson T-Bone vs. Ilja Dragunov

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Ever since failing to beat WALTER for the NXT UK Championship in 2020, Ilja Dragunov has been a very different man. He’s been trying to find himself, and started by facing Jack Starz, only to snap during the match and nearly injure a man he considered a friend. Tonight, he steps back into the ring with a tough as nails brawler in Tyson T-Bone, someone who could take the abuse from Dragunov.

Tyson T-Bone Came Ready To Fight

Dragunov scares many in NXT UK, but not T-Bone. He’d dodge a boot as the match started, and took Dragunov down with a punch and just maintained the avantage with some heavy blows. Dragunov would wrestle his way out, and hit a spinning chop across the chest before grabbing a front headlock. He needed to stop the strikes from T-Bone, and isolating on the mat achieved this goal.

Meanwhile, Sam Gradwell would make his way to the ringside area to mock Dragunov, and this allowed T-Bone to almost get a comeback with a backdrop. T-Bone ended up back in a head-arm choke, before breaking free for a scoop slam and running knee drop. Gradwell took a seat for his heckling, but Dragunov was just refocused on wrestling his match.

Dragunov countered a kick from T-Bone, and used his head to flip T-Bone onto the mat. T-Bone kicked him off, before running into another takedown attempt, and being able to break free and taking a shoulder tackle. Dragunov came back with a leaping lariat, while Gradwell told him to not do what he did to Jack Starz again.

Ilja Dragunov Goes To That Dark Place

T-Bone fought off the exploder suplex, and got one of his own. Dragunov was picked up and hit with a Fallaway Slam, but kicked out at two. A full nelson slam was countered and Dragunov went for a single leg takedown, which was blocked, but the running big boot nailed the face of T-Bone. Dragunov ran in for another strike, and was caught before being thrown across the ring, but came back with another kick to the head of T-Bone.

The German Suplex attempt was fought off, and T-Bone got a half nelson suplex, Dragunov rolling the outside and Gradwell got in his face. T-Bone took advantage and chopped Dragunov across the back of the neck, and the mood of Dragunov instantly changed. Suddenly, he’d be seeing WALTER in T-Bone, and brushed his strikes off and dropped him. Back in the ring, Dragunov would stomp T-Bone, and trap his arms before raining elbow strikes to the skull.

Can Dragunov climb back to another shot at the NXT UK Championship? Will Sam Gradwell be his next opponent? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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