Impact Wrestling Preview (3/2) – Brian Myers vs. Eddie Edwards with Matt Cardona as Special Referee; Jordynn Grace w/Jazz vs. Deonna Purrazzo w/Kimber Lee and Susan

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Impact Wrestling Preview expect this to be a fun match as “Bad Mood” Brian Myers was finally called out for having his lawyer claim he can’t compete after he backed out of a match with Eddie Edwards.

Scott D’Amore came to the rescue as only he can, and had a phenomenal rant after joking Myers will face Edwards in an Eye for an Eye Match ( A definite must see.

This is going to be a fun match mainly because Myers has been awesome as a selfish, disgruntled employee that went from being happy to see Cardona to feeling he’s following him.

It’s a cool storyline and plays into Myers’ frustration at having been released and finding a new path, which his persona views as a trailblazer that he wants the accolades for doing so.

Edwards stepped into the middle of this kinda sorta by happenstance, but he’s a great middleman to help this feud develop as Cardona continues to settle in and deal with his friend turning on him.

We expect this to me more of a play than a match as Myers will focus on Cardona at every chance he gets, and it’ll hurt him as Edwards will be focused and ready to dish out some mayhem.

Edwards if the heart of Impact Wrestling, and with Myers becoming the cancer to that unity much as Sami Callihan, we’re expecting some fun things to unfold over the next few weeks.

Jordynn Grace w/Jazz vs. Deonna Purrazzo w/Kimber Lee and Susan

After Jordynn Grace and Jazz defeated Kimber Lee and Susan to become the number one contenders for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship, they found ODB unconscious in the hallway.

Grace had no doubt that Deonna Purrazzo did that, and this will be her attempting to gain a measure of revenge for her friend and ally.

With her previous two matches against Purrazzo being classics, we’re expecting this one to be more of a physical brutality than a wrestling match early on as Grace will seek to impose her will out of the gate.

We also think Purrazzo will be standoffish and claim she didn’t do it. Honestly, we don’t think she did and it was Su Yung making a push to resurface.

Impact Wrestling Preview could be wrong and Purrazzo will own up to it, but if it was Susan or Su Yung and knowing Su doesn’t like Lee and Purrazzo, will anyone in the ring be safe tonight?

This is going to be a fun one to see unfold as Grace and Jazz will try to get to the bottom of things.

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