Impact Wrestling Results (3/16) – FinJuice (David Finlay and Juice Robinson) Defeated XXXL (Acey Romero and Larry D) by Pinfall

Finlay hit Larry with an Acid Drop for the win

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Impact Wrestling Results think this should be an interesting match as FinJuice seeks to prove they belong and XXXL looks to prove they deserve a shot at tag team gold.

Larry started it off against Robinson with a lockup and Larry backed him into a corner, but Robinson ducked Larry’s right hand and hit a series of strikes before he and Finlay hit a double dropkick and bulldog off the ropes.

Robinson hit an axhandle on Larry’s arm off the ropes, but Larry fought out of a double flapjack attempt.

FinJucie pounded on Romero, but he shrugged off a double bulldog attempt and hit a crossbody on both of them before he picked up Robinson and absorbed some of his best shots.

Romero rolled to take out his legs and then hit a splash on Robinson’s back and knocked Finlay off the apron.

Romero missed a senton and Finlay and Larry met with Finlay running back and for between them with dropkick and clotheslines.

Finley went for the pin on Larry and rolled away from Romero hit Larry with a senton.

FinJuice sent Romero to the floor, and Finlay hit Larry with an Acid Drop for the win.

Wanting a rematch

This was a quick match, and the Good Brothers came out as FinJuice was starting to celebrate.

Anderson asked if they were happy and said the match shouldn’t have counted. He blamed Gallows for losing and Gallows pointed out he was the one that was pinned and Anderson said it’s beside the point.

Anderson then listed his busy schedule and concluded the Good Brothers weren’t prepared.

Gallows agreed with him and said he had jetlag as well as hung over and demanded their rematch.

Robinson told them they’ll give them a rematch. Finlay said they’re busy too and have to go back to Japan, so they’ll have to wait until they come back in April and called them Young Boys.

A brawl ensued and FinJuice slipped out of the ring and showed off their titles on the ramp.

After a short break, Sami Callihan cut a promo about Trey lacking passion and how Trey confuses passion with anger, and said it’s passion that led Trey’s student to stab his teacher in the back.

Callihan said Trey will not do what it takes to get the job done and he’ll make an example out of Trey in their match tonight. Impact Wrestling Results are so looking forward to that one.

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