Impact Wrestling Results (3/9) – BTI (Before The Impact) – TJP Defeated Madman Fulton w/Ace Austin by Pinfall

TJP hit two Mamba Splashes for the win

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Hello and welcome to Impact Wrestling Results!

Tonight’s Go Home episode for Sacrifice should be a fun one with good matches and fun backstage antics to get us ready for the pay-per-view this weekend.

Let’s get to the action, starting with BTI (Before The Impact).

BTI (Before The Impact) – TJP vs. Madman Fulton w/Ace Austin

This is going to be a fun match as TJP matches his speed and athleticism against Madman Fulton’s size and strength, plus we never know what Ace Austin will be up to.

Here we go.

Fulton tried to get it started with a big boot but TJP sidestepped and Fulton went over the top rope, and TJP then dropkicked Austin to the floor.

TJP and then hit a crossbody over the top rope as we headed to commercial.

Back from commercial, Fulton had TJP cornered, but TJP maneuvered him into the corner where he climbed onto the ropes to hit some blows, but Fulton carried him into the middle of the ring.

TJP slipped out of a suplex attempt and tried joint manipulation, but Fulton tossed him off, the fought off a sunset flip, but TJP slipped underneath him.

TJP hit a dropkick to the legs and hit a splash for a few pin attempts, but Fulton grabbed him and sat up, then stood with TJP in his arms and hit a snake eyes on the turnbuckle and hit a big boot.

Fulton then hit a diving headbutt that resembled a spear, and then another on TJP in the corner.

Fulton then pounced on TJP’s back to drop him, then pulled him up by the ear.

TJP ducked a clothesline, but Austin pushed him out of his Spider-Man in the ropes and Fulton his a suplex for a near pinfall.

Staying alive

Fulton then locked in a chin lock and ground him down, then pressed TJP’s face into mat.

TJP managed to get to his feet, and Fulton picked him up in a chin lock, but TJP fought out of it with some elbows, then hit a couple of boots in the corner.

TJP tried to lock in an octopus off the ropes, but Fulton was too strong and countered with a fallaway slam for a near pinfall.

Fulton hit a stomp, then threw TJP into a corner with serious force, and tried to follow up but the referee stopped him. Austin took advantage and hit TJP with a right.

Fulton then choked out TJP with his foot and then went for a drop, but TJP locked in an Octopus and Fulton made it to the ropes.

TJP then hit a dropkick and a swinging kick through the ropes and then a running double knee and tornado DDT for a pin attempt.

TJP hit a couple of stomps and a kick, then he continued kicking Fulton down in the corner and hit a dropkick.

TJP then tried to lift Fulton, but Fulton went for a gut wrench, and TJP countered it into an octopus and Austin distracted the referee.

TJP knocked Austin off the apron with a dropkick, and leaped off the top rope and Fulton caught him and hit a chokeslam, followed by a reverse powerbomb for a near pinfall.

Fulton went for another chokeslam, but TJP slipped out onto the top rope and hit a pair of Mamba Splashes for the win.

After the match, Austin hit TJP from behind with his trophy and then stomped him.

Fulton picked TJP up and held him for Austin to hit him in the midsection with his trophy, and then a knee.

This was a cool win as TJP had to bide his time, but he paid for it afterwards. Not to mention the abuse he absorbed from Fulton. Impact Wrestling Results can’t wait for Saturday and Sacrifice.

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