The Lawnmower Long Term Booking On BTE.

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AEW has been mocked but also praised for its long term booking on their weekly Dynamite. Kenny Omega and Hangman Paige’s lack to Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley have all had long-term stories. It looks like BTE have also followed suit.

This being done with Hangman Paige again by getting a lawnmower. However, we did see the lawnmower in AEW Dynamite. Where the Dark Order nearly fell off the massive mower. We got a better look at the lawnmower this time around.

The Lawn Mower effect

If you have been up to date with BTE, you will know the spending spree Paige and the Dark Order has been on. Hangman Paige has been wanting a lawnmower for a long time and has mentioned it a couple of times on BTW. What started when Elite and Dark Order both wanted to partner with Chillies.

Where the Dark Order won and got the partnership. Then this involved Dynamite, where it showed the title on Hangman’s graphic. Saying, “needs to borrow money for a new lawnmower”. This was shown in a montage in BTE that ended with all of Dark Order sitting on Hangman’s new lawnmower.

What’s next for Dark Order and Hangman Paige?

After all this, we still don’t know what is next for the Dark Order. In BTE, it looks like Hangman will be part of the segment for a while. It hasn’t been officially confirmed, but it looks like Hangman is an official part of Dark Order.

The feud between the Dark Order and Matt Hardy‘s Money Faction. As in Matt Hardy’s segment shows him still wanting to destroy the Dark Order, making it look like this story between the two of them will be going for the foreseeable future.

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