Impact Wrestling Results (4/15) – BTI (Before The Impact) – Havok Defeated Nevaeh by Pinfall via a Leg Drop

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Hello and welcome to Impact Wrestling Results!

This is going to be a memorable night as we say goodbye to the legendary Jazz and continue to set the stage for Rebellion on April 25.

Without further ado, let’s get to the action!

BTI (Before The Impact) – Havok vs. Nevaeh

This is going to be a fun one. We’ll see if Havok will get a measure of revenge?

This started fast as they met in the middle of the ring and exchanged rights with Nevaeh getting the upper hand but running into a clothesline off the ropes and she rolled to the floor.

Havok followed her out and slammed Nevaeh into eh apron back first, but Nevaeh hit with a kick to half Havok’s run.

Havok nailed her with a right and threw her into the security railing as we headed to commercial.

Back from commercial, they were back in the ring with Havok beating Nevaeh down in a corner and throwing her into the opposite one.

Havok hit with two clotheslines and a reverse elbow, then kicked Nevaeh down in a corner and his a splash.

Nevaeh pulled Havok into the ropes and choked her out before hitting a knee and then choking Havok out with her foot and then stomping her.

Nevaeh pulled her up and hit a trio of shoulders, then nailed Havok with a chop before she choked her out with her foot again.

Neveah hit a right for a pin attempt, then slapped on a sleeper hold.

Havok fought out of the hold with a couple of elbows, but Nevaeh caught her with a knee for a pin attempt.

Nevaeh followed that by slamming Havok’s face into the mat a couple of times for another pin attempt.

Nevaeh hammered away on Havok, and hit a knee before climbing onto Havok’s back for a sleeper hold.

Havok threw her off but missed a leg drop off the ropes, and then ate a basement dropkick for a near pinfall.

Nevaeh choked her with her hands, broke the hold, then went back to it as Nevaeh’s new harder edge is on display.

Earning respect

Nevaeh nailed Havok with a couple of kicks to the back and went back to the sleeper hold.

Havok got to her feet and hit an elbow, but Nevaeh hit her with a couple of rights. Havok threw her into the ropes but Nevaeh caught herself on the apron.

Nevaeh pulled the ropes down and Havok went to the floor, but she took out Nevaeh’s legs and slammed her face first into the apron and then the ring stairs.

Nevaeh dodged Havok’s charge and Havok ran into the ring steps knee first and Nevaeh rolled into the ring as the ref continued counting.

Havok made it in just before the 10 count and Nevaeh met her with some kicks and a near pinfall.

Nevaeh locked in a front face lock, but Havok fought out of it and hit a couple of kicks and running boots in the corner.

Havok nailed a fourth running boot and dragged Nevaeh into the middle for a pin attempt.

Nevaeh sent Havok into the turnbuckle and hit a kick to the face for one more near pinfall. Then another pin attempt.

Nevaeh hit a couple of forearms, but Havok responded with a pair of kicks, a running knee, and leg drop for the win.

This was a good one that cemented Nevaeh in the Knockouts division and Havok was able to get some closure.

Impact Wrestling Results are curious where they’ll go from here. Will they have an understanding or still be frenemies?

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