Paul Walker Had Sent John Cena To Star In The New Fast And Furious 9 (F9)

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Vin Diesel has spoken on how John Cena was the perfect person to follow Paul Walker in the Fast and Furious franchise.

‘Paul Walker Had Sent’ John Cena To Star In The New Fast And Furious f9

Paul had sadly died in a car crash, while he was still filming the seventh instalment of the movie. Although his death left a massive hole in the storyline, John has been ushered in to play Vin Diesel’s younger brother. By the sounds of it, John was destined to take on that role. In a press conference held about the movie, Vin Diesel said: “I remember him coming in, and – call this crazy – I remember feeling as though Pablo, Paul Walker, had sent him in.”

John is no stranger to the acting business, given that he has a good resume behind him. He has already starred in some major movies, such as the Transformers spin-off Bumblebee. But filling in for Paul Walker is no mean feat, but by the looks of the impressions he has made so far on set, he is certainly up for the task.

He added: “I remember John Cena coming into this Dom shrine that I had… I remember talking to Justin that night and saying my gut and heart feels like this is meant to be.” John was honoured at the prospect of taking over the role. He was praised for his role in the Transformers movie, and he has left no stone unturned in his preparation for this one.

He has been vocal about his training, with an increased focus on strength and conditioning. He is also happy to be a part of history. He commented: “I certainly didn’t overlook the responsibility of the opportunity…I was grateful enough to develop a relationship with Vin, and Vin was gracious enough to give me a chance. I forever thank him.”

By the looks of it, John has not disappointed. In the trailer below, we can see that Vin Diesel and John will face each other in many heated exchanges. The movie is scheduled for release later this summer, and by sounds of the noise coming from the movie critics, it is certainly one that you do not want to miss.

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