WWE Alexa Bliss Betrays The Fiend, Aleister Black to Help Her?

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Nothing like some interesting storylines the give us a reason to come back and watch more, especially when it involves Alexa Bliss betraying the Fiend.

Of course, most hated the twist as they were so awesome together but it also has set fans to talking, which is probably what it was meant to do to create hype. It’s what entertainment’s supposed to do.

Still, the fact it was done has sent many fans on edge and it’s brought fans theories out in droves, and some of them are pretty cool.

Which gives us hope WWE creative has some of these in mind to do or are listening for ideas.

Alexa Bliss becomes Sister Abigail

Since Randy Orton burned The Fiend alive, Alexa Bliss has been tapping into the power that Bray Wyatt taught her to use to resurrect him.

In doing so, according to some fan theories, this gives her power over him and she’s now become the embodiment of Sister Abigail.

This was teased last year when Braun Strowman faced the Fiend and saw Bliss in a vision as Sister Abigail, so it makes sense this is the direction they’re going.

This would coincide at least in part with the above tweet Wyatt posted of Delilah cutting Sampson’s hair and robbing him of his power.

In this case, she usurped his power, hence why Orton was able to defeat him with one RKP when the Fiend has shown the ability to take far more punishment than he had up to that point.

Fiend vs. Fiend

Another theory claims there’s a fake Fiend and we’ll have a Fiend vs. Fiend match with Bliss conjuring a second Fiend — probably Wyatt’s real life brother, Bo Dallas — to defeat Wyatt.

Anyone want to know more about how this will work out just has to look up the Fake Undertaker storyline, and the similarities are why we think many are citing this as a possibility.

Aleister Black returns

Another fan theory has Aleister Black will return and join Sister Abigail (Alexa Bliss) instead of having a second Fiend.

It’d be awesome to have Black return after he’s been off TV for so long, but given how his wife (Zelina Vega) was released and reports he wasn’t happy he may just be riding out his contract.

Still, a Black and Fiend rivalry would be a fun one as his persona of looking for a fight when he came to the main roster would fit perfectly with Bliss and Wyatt in their storyline.

What do you think Bliss will say to explain her action? Let us know in the comments below.

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Fiona Collins

I want to beat Alexa Bliss down be as an superstar.

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