WWE Raw Results (4/12) – 2-on-1 Handicap Match – The Miz and John Morrison w/Maryse Defeated Damian Priest by Rollup for the Pinfall

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WWE Raw Results returned as Miz and Morrison were still in their suits, more or less, when the match started and Miz went after Priest.

Priest blocked his right and nailed him with a series of strikes, then knocked Morrison off the apron before he turned his attention back to pummeling the Miz.

Priest knocked Morrison off the apron again, but this time Miz was able to take advantage of the situation and he hit with a boot, then stomped and beat Priest down.

The Miz sling shotted Priest into a right from Morrison, and Morrison leaped over the top rope to hit an elbow while the Miz held Priest. Morrison then went for a pin attempt, but Priest kicked out.

Morrison hit with a kick and locked in a rear chin lock. Priest powered out of it by manipulating Morrison’s wrist, but Morrison hit with an elbow and drove Priest back into his and Miz’s corner.

Morrison hit a series of forearms and the Miz came in. Priest clocked Morrison and sidestepped the Miz’s charge to leave him hung up in the ropes, then clocked Morrison with a kick.

A little help

Priest then alternated between them with flying elbows in opposite corner.

He hit Morrison with a Falcon’s Arrow, then nailed Miz with a series of strikes and then a spinning heel kick.

Priest then hit a chokeslam, but Morrison broke up the pin with a kick.

Morrison tagged in and Priest hit with a clothesline and headed to the top rope but Morrison rolled to the floor.

Priest jumped down, and then hit a flip over the top rope to the floor and threw Morrison into the ring.

Miz pulled him off the top rope, and he kicked Miz to the floor and Morrison caught Priest on the top rope.

Priest fought out of a superplex attempt and kicked Morrison off the top rope and hit a spinning heel kick for a near pinfall.

Priest readied to finish it, but Morrison fought free and Miz blind tagged in. Priest hit Hit the Lights on Morrison and the Miz came in and went for a Skull Crushing finale.

Priest reversed it but Maryse distracted Priest so the Miz could roll him up and put his feet on the ropes for more leverage to score the win. WWE Raw Results expect the Miz to pay for this big time.

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