WWE Wrestlemania 37 Night One Results: Bad Bunny & Damien Priest Defeat The Miz & John Morrison With Doomsday Cross-Bunny

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You never mess with a musician’s equipment, as The Miz will learn tonight. At Royal Rumble, he smashed the DJ setup of Grammy award winning Latin Trap artist, Bad Bunny. Tonight, after months of build they will meet in the ring together. It was originally a singles match, but now a tag team match featuring Damien Priest in the corner of Bad Bunny & John Morrison with The Miz like always.

Bad Bunny is making his in-ring debut here, and has been working hard in the WWE PC to really earn some respect, while getting revenge on The Miz. Pat McAfee set the bar for celebrity debuts damn high, but Bad Bunny has that same kind of passion.

Bad Bunny Knows How To Make An Entrance

After some Bunnies hopped to the ring, they’d break into dance. Some pyro popped off and John Morrison & The Miz lip-synced their way to ring to their new song. Only at Wrestlemania you see something like this. Gotta wonder how many future NXT Champions were in those suits, like how CM Punk was once a part of a John Cena Wrestlemania entrance.

Damien Priest made a normal entrance, clearly excited for his first Wrestlemania before Bad Bunny rolled up on top of an 18 wheeler to a huge reaction. He pulled out all the stops getting ready for this one, and got a huge entrance to match. Bad Bunny took his place in the ring, and looked like he belonged. Priest would start the match against The Miz, but Miz wanted Bad Bunny.

Bunny would get the tag, and Miz got his wish. The fists were put up, and fans were into this. Miz gave him a free punch and went down, before Bunny got the waist lock. Bunny would be countered by Miz, who got another punch to the jaw. Miz got him cornered, before Bunny got the double leg and hit with some pummeling blows.

Miz & Morrison Show Their Tag Team Dominance

Bunny would get hit with a knee strike, and got him across the face. He’d counter a hip toss and get the arm drag takedown, sending Miz outside and stunning him. Back in, Bunny got the drop toehold and the cradle pinfall for a two count! Miz got the cheap shot after asking for a test of strength, before throwing him into the second rope.

Bunny would slip back in and hit a big tilt-a-whirl headscissor, with Miz tagging in Morrison. Morrison took a headbutt, before Bunny hit some jumping back elbows before taking the cheap shot from Miz. Miz & Morrison started to take control and cut the ring in half, with Priest eager for a tag. Bunny would be taunted with a tag before having his face stretched during a Camel Clutch.

He’d fight out of the corner, but Miz stopped the tag. Bunny got a roll up for two, but Miz came back with a boot to the face and a DDT in the middle of the ring. Morrison tagged in, and took time to taunt Booker T with a spinaroonie. Bunny was hit with a liver punch, as Priest was getting more and more ready. Miz hit a cheap shot, and Priest would try to get in but just distract the referee.

Respect Was Earned

Bunny finally broke free after a Tornado DDT, and was able to get the tag to Priest finally! Priest exploded into the ring, and nailed some heavy kicks to both opponents before dropping Morrison with a lariat. Some jumping back elbows were followed by the South Of Heaven chokeslam onto Miz, with Morrison breaking the hold up. Bunny helped to even the odds, hitting Broken Arrows in tandem for near fall.

Priest came over the top rope, before Bunny followed off the top rope with a splash, laughing the whole way down. Miz would countered Hit The Lights in the ring with Skull Crushing Finale, but Bunny got the save.

Morrison pulled Bunny off the apron, only to take a Canadian Destroyer on the floor! Miz & Priest were amazed, before Bunny hit Miz with a crossbody as he was on the shoulders of Priest for the win!

Should Bad Bunny stick around in WWE? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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